Trays, not of metal; identification bracelets, not of metal; tool handles, not of metal; fans for personal use, non-electric; mooring buoys, non-metallic; locks, non-metallic; door, gate and window fittings, non-metallic; valves, non-metallic; bolts, not of metal; dowels, not of metal; rivets, not of metal; screws, not of metal; cable fasteners, connectors and holders, non-metallic; pipe fasteners, clamps and holders, non-metallic; statues, figurines, works of art and ornaments and decorations, made of materials such as wood, wax, plaster or plastic, included in the class; furniture; reading stands and supports; furniture fittings, not of metal; beds, bedding, mattresses, pillows and cushions; picture frames; photo frames; mirrors [looking glasses]; indoor blinds, and fittings for curtains and indoor blinds; clothes hangers and clothes hooks; keyboards for hanging keys; doors for furniture; animal housing and beds; yellow amber; bamboo; coral; cork bands; ivory, unworked or semi-worked; meerschaum; mother-of-pearl; whalebone; wicker; bamboo curtains; rattan; animal horns; containers, not of metal [storage, transport]; baskets, non-metallic; barrels and casks, non-metallic; coffins and funerary urns; letter boxes, non-metallic; closures for containers, non-metallic; crates and pallets, non-metallic; ladders and movable steps, non-metallic; display boards; display stands; furniture for displaying goods; inflatable publicity objects; signboards of wood or plastics; mannequins; tailors' dummies; parts and fittings of all the aforesaid goods, included in the class