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Street furniture made of wood (other than structures); Wooden boxes for storing toys; Wooden containers (other than for household or kitchen use); Wooden furniture; Wooden pieces of furniture; Wooden storage boxes; Advertisement display boards of wood (non-luminous); Advertising display boards of wood (non-luminous); Articles of wood for decorative purposes; Articles of wood for ornamental purposes; Boards of wood for advertising purposes (non-luminous); Carvings of wood; Curios made of wood; Decorations made of wood; Decorative objects (ornaments) made of wood; Decorative plaques (ornaments) made of wood; Decorative wooden panels (furniture); Domestic furniture made of wood; Figures made of wood; Free standing sculptures of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Furniture made of wood; Garden furniture manufactured from wood; Objects made of wood for decoration; Ornamental sculptures made of wood; Ornamental statues made of wood; Ornaments made of wood; Sculptures made from wood; Wall decorations of wood (other than parts of buildings); Wood carvings; Wooden ladders; Works of art, of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Articles of furniture adapted for use by children; Articles of furniture incorporating drawers; Articles of furniture made principally of non-metallic materials; Objet d'art of wood for decoration; Sign articles (boards) of wood or plastic; Bench seating; Furniture units comprising tables and seating units; Seating; Advertising display boards (furniture); Article storage apparatus (furniture); Assembled display units (furniture); Benches (furniture); Boards in the nature of furniture; Cabinets in the nature of furniture; Chairs being furniture; Cupboards being furniture; Decorative wall plaques (furniture) not of textile; Display apparatus in the nature of furniture; Display furniture; Display stands (furniture) made of recycled materials, including cardboard and cardboard composites; Domestic furniture; Door furniture made of wood; Doors made of wood for furniture; Fitted furniture; Furniture adapted for use outdoors; Furniture for children; Furniture for domestic use; Furniture for invalid and disabled persons; Furniture for sitting; Furniture for storage; Furniture for use in educational institutions; Furniture for use on patios; Garden furniture; Indoor furniture; Multi-purpose stands (furniture); Outdoor furniture; Patio furniture; Pedestal storage units (furniture); Pedestal units (furniture); School furniture; Shelves (furniture); Shelves in the nature of furniture; Storage furniture; Tables in the nature of furniture; Units (furniture); Wall shelves (furniture); Wooden racks (furniture); Wooden shelving (furniture); Work surfaces in the nature of furniture; Work tops (furniture)
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