Sofas; furniture; articles of furniture; assembled display units (furniture); audio racks (furniture) for use with audio equipment; clothes and coat racks (furniture); computer furniture, computer cabinets (furniture); computer workstations (furniture); cupboards; fitted cupboards; cupboards for bedrooms and kitchens; desks and desks racks (furniture); door furniture made of wood, earthenware, glass, plastics, porcelain, stoneware; dressers (furniture); soft furnishings (cushions); flower stands (furniture); furniture adapted for use outdoors; furniture for the home, lounge, living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen; furniture made of plastics, steel wood or principally of glass; furniture racks and shelves; furniture upholstered in leather or imitation leather; garden furniture; high seats and stools; benches (furniture); kits of parts (sold complete) for assembly into furniture; cabinets; multi-purpose stands (furniture); plaques (decorative wall) (furniture) not in textile; prefabricated shelves (furniture); protective coverings for furniture (fitted or shaped); rack bars (furniture); screens (furniture); stackable furniture; storage baskets, boxes, cases, cupboards, drawers and frames (furniture); stuffed furniture; textile covers (fitted or shaped) for furniture; trolleys (furniture); vanity units (furniture); waste bins (furniture); wine racks (furniture); work stations (furniture); fittings for curtains; mirrors (looking glasses); frames for mirrors; wall mirrors; picture frames; beds; bed-settees; bedside cabinets and lockers; children's beds; headboards for beds; sofa beds; chairs (seats); contour chairs; convertible chairs; armchairs; reclining chairs; rocking chairs; tables; coffee tables; dressing tables; cupboards; art (works of) of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; bed fittings, not of metal; chests, not of metal; cushions; desks; display stands; figurines (statuettes) of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; magazine racks; mattresses; office furniture; umbrella stands