Safety hooks, not of metal; Safety locking devices (not of metal, non-electric); Safety locks (non-metallic, non-electric); Cable ties; Non-mechanical reels of plastic materials for the storage of hose; Non-mechanical, non-metallic reels for the storage of hose; Reels (not of metal, non-mechanical or parts of machines); Non-metallic tool boxes (sold empty); Plastic inserts (trays) for tool boxes; Tool boxes, not of metal, empty; Cabinets; Ladders made of plastics; Non-metallic ladders; Steps (ladders), made principally of non-metallic materials; Wooden ladders; Benches (furniture); Work benches; Mirrors being items of furniture; Pocket mirrors; Wall mirrors; Cable clips, not of metal; Caps made of non-metallic materials for containers; Bottles closures, not of metal; Closures for packages; Closures, not of metal, for containers; Crates; Racks (furniture); Valves (manual - non-metallic) for regulating fluid flow; Valves, not of metal, other than parts of machines; Tables; Trays, not of metal; Trestles (furniture); Trolleys (furniture); Containers, not of metal (storage, transport); Bins, not of metal; Storage boxes (furniture); Loading pallets, not of metal; Non-metallic load restraining apparatus for use with transportable freight containers; Non-metallic cable straps; Furniture; Steps (ladders), not of metal; Work chairs; Stools; Work stools; Hinges, not of metal; Hinges, not of metal for the fastening of electrical cables; Hinges, not of metal for the fixing of pipes; Hinges, not of metal having a spring action; Hinges, not of metal incorporating a spring; Non-metallic door hinges; Strap-hinges, not of metal; Fans for personal use (non-electric); Non-metallic fasteners; Water control valves of plastic; Water inlets (valves of plastic) for water pipes; Water outlets (valves of plastic) for water pipes; Water pipe valves (plastic); Water pipe valves of plastic; Water regulating valves (plastic) for water pipes; Water-pipe valves of plastic; Chairs (seats); Chairs being furniture