Ornaments made of plastics; Ornaments made of wood; Assembled display units (furniture); Bathroom furniture; Bedroom furniture; Benches (furniture); Book rests (furniture); Book stands (furniture); Cabinets in the nature of furniture; Cane furniture; Chairs being furniture; Consoles (furniture); Corner units (furniture); Counters (furniture); Credenzas (furniture); Domestic furniture; Dressers (furniture); Flower-stands (furniture); Furniture; Furniture adapted for use outdoors; Furniture for bathrooms; Furniture for domestic use; Furniture for kitchens; Furniture for offices; Furniture for shops; Furniture for the bedroom; Furniture for the home; Furniture for the living room; Furniture for the lounge; Furniture for use in bars; Furniture upholstered in leather or imitation leather; Garden furniture; Hat racks (furniture); Household furniture; Indoor furniture; Leather furniture; Nursery furniture; Office furniture; Outdoor furniture; Patio furniture; Room divider panels (furniture); Seat covers (shaped) for furniture; Seat pads being parts of furniture; Shelf units (furniture); Shelves (furniture); Space dividers (furniture); Stackable furniture; Storage furniture; Textile covers (fitted) for furniture; Textile covers (shaped) for furniture; Vanity units (furniture); Wall shelves (furniture); Wall units (furniture); Washstands (furniture); Wine racks (furniture); Wooden furniture; Soft furnishings (cushions); Pillows; Cushions; Decorations made of wood; Decorations of plastic materials; Table decorations of plastic; Bathroom cupboards; Bathroom mirrors; Sun screens (slatted outdoor); Umbrella stands; Stools; Chairs (seats); Contour chairs; Deck chairs; Easy chairs; Folding chairs; Reclining chairs; Rocking chairs; Bench tables; Coffee tables; Dressing tables; Kitchen tables; Pedestal tables; Picnic tables; Sideboard tables; Tables; Boxes for stacking purposes (wood); Boxes for storage purposes (plastic); Boxes for storage purposes (wood); Containers in the form of boxes made of plastics material; Containers in the form of boxes made of wood; Wooden storage boxes; Bench seating; Benches with shelves; Picnic benches; Couches; Ottomans; Seat sofas; Sofas; Display shelves for use with books; Fire guards; Wall mirrors