Liquid storage tanks or reservoirs (not of metal or masonry); industrial water tanks (not of metal or masonry); liquefied gas tanks (not of metal or masonry); gas tanks (not of metal or masonry); plastic valves, other than parts of machines; curtain fittings; metal-substitute plastic fasteners; nails, not of metal; wedges, not of metal; nuts, not of metal; screw nails, not of metal; rivets, not of metal; bolts, not of metal; casters, not of metal; clip plates and washers, not of metal, rubber, and vulcanized fiber; wooden packaging containers, excluding cork plugs, wooden plugs, and wooden lids; bamboo packaging containers; plastic leaves for wrapping; cork plugs; plastic plugs; plastic lids and caps (for industrial packaging containers); wooden plugs; wooden lids and caps (for industrial packaging containers); pallets for cargo, not of metal; beehives for beekeeping; beds for household pets; dog kennels; bird nest boxes; paper fans; folding fans; shopping baskets, not of metal; water tanks for household purposes (not of metal or masonry); steps and ladders, not of metal; tool boxes, not of metal; embroidery frames; supports for stem plants; model food samples; blinds of reed, rattan or bamboo (Sudare); beaded curtains for ornamental purposes; straws; trays, not of metal; towel dispensers (not of metal); name plates and door nameplates, not of metal; flagpoles; hanging boards (Japanese style pegboards using positional hooks); hat hooks, not of metal; mannequins; tailors' dummies; straw braids; advertising balloons; signboards of wood or plastic; mail boxes, not of metal or stone; cradles; infant walkers; hairdresser's chairs; barbers' chairs; sculptures of plaster; sculptures of plastic; sculptures of wood; reed (raw or partly worked material); rush (raw or partly worked material); Onigaya hay (raw or partly worked material); sedge (raw or partly worked material); vegetable aggregate for plaster (Susa); straw of wheat, barley or oats; rice straws; Japanese food wrappping sheets of wood as materials (Kyogi); ferns (unworked or partly worked material); bamboos (unworked or partly worked material); bamboo skins (unworked or partly worked material); vines (plaiting materials); rattan (unworked or partly worked material); tree barks; tusks (unworked or partly worked material); whalebone; shells and crusts; artificial horns; ivory (unworked or partly worked material); animal horns; animal teeth; tortoiseshell (unworked or partly worked material); animal bones; coral (unworked or partly worked material); meerschaum (raw or partly worked material); yellow amber