Labels of plastic; Closures of plastic; Closures made of plastic for containers; Closures, not metal, for containers; Non-metallic closures for Containers; Plastics closures for container; Tags made of plastics materials (other than stationery); Bottle closures not of metal; Bottles closures, not of metal; Closures for packages; Closures made of plastic for containers; Closures, not of metal, for containers; Non-metallic cap closures for bottles; Non-metallic cap closures for containers; Non-metallic child resistant security closures for bottles; Non-metallic child resistant; security closures for containers; Non-metallic closures for bottles; Non-metallic closures for containers; Non-metallic closures for receptacles; Non-metallic end closures for containers (other than for household or kitchen use); Non-metallic end closures for tubes (other than for household or kitchen use); Non-metallic overcapping closures for containers; Non-metallic slide closures for containers; Plastics closures for containers; Ring closures, other than of metal; Boxes made of plastics materials for packaging; Closures for packages; Containers made of plastics for packaging; Containers of plastics for packaging purposes; Egg cartons (packaging) of plastic; Egg containers (packaging) of plastic; Non-metallic containers adapted for packaging beer; Non-metallic stackable trays for the packaging of materials; Packaging boxes in collapsible form (plastic); Packaging boxes in collapsible form (wood); Packaging boxes in flat form (plastic); Packaging boxes in flat form (wood); Packaging boxes in made-up form (plastic); Packaging boxes in made-up form (wood); Packaging containers made of wood; Packaging containers made principally of plastics; Packaging containers of plastic; Panels of transparent plastics being parts of packaging containers; Plastic containers (packaging); Plastic trays (containers) used in food packaging; Plastics components for packaging containers; Pots of plastic for packaging; Receptacles of plastic for packaging; Stacking trays of compressed fibre for the packaging of eggs; Stacking trays of plastic for the packaging of eggs; Transparent food containers for commercial packaging use; Containers made of synthetic material (other than for household or kitchen use)
Ladders made of glass fibre; Ladders made of plastics; Ladders of wood or plastics; Mobile steps (ladders) of non-metallic materials; Non-metallic ladders; Step ladders made of plastics; Step ladders made of wood; Steps (ladders), made from plastic; Steps (ladders), made from wood; Steps (ladders), made principally of non-metallic materials; Steps (ladders), not of metal; Article storage apparatus (furniture); Articles of furniture for sale in kit form; Assembled display units (furniture); Bathroom furniture; Bedroom furniture; Benches (furniture); Camping furniture; Chairs being furniture; Chairs being office furniture; Closet organisers (parts of furniture); Clothes racks (furniture); Corner units (furniture); Counters (furniture); Cupboards being furniture; Domestic furniture; Domestic furniture made of wood; Doors for furniture; Doors made of wood for furniture; Filing cabinets in the nature of furniture; Fitted furniture; Fitted kitchen furniture; Furniture; Furniture cabinets; Furniture for domestic use; Furniture for doors (non-metallic); Furniture for filing purposes; Furniture for kitchens; Furniture for offices; Furniture for sitting; Furniture for storage; Furniture for the home; Furniture for the living room; Furniture for the lounge; Deck chairs; Folding chairs; Table and chair sets; Bench tables; Tables; Tables for use in gardens; Bathroom cupboards; Cupboard units; Cupboards fitted with mirrors; Kitchen cupboards; Storage cupboards (furniture); Wall cupboards; Bathroom cabinets; Bedside cabinets; Cabinets; Cabinets for storage purposes; Metal cabinets (furniture); Metal cabinets for industrial use; Storage cabinets (furniture); Cabinet doors; Cupboard doors; Paper screen doors; Sliding doors for furniture; Tilt doors for furniture; Transparent doors of glass for furniture; Wardrobe doors; Wardrobe sliding doors
Lap desks; Clothes hooks, not of metal; Coat pegs (wall mounted hooks) (non-metallic); Hat racks (hooks) not of metal; Hooks for clothing; Non-metallic coat hooks; Non-metallic hooks for wall hangings; Wall hooks of non-metallic materials; Coat pegs (racks) (non-metallic); Non-metallic pegs (pins); Pin boards (notice boards) of cork; Apparatus for the presentation (display) of goods; Assemblies for display purposes; Display boards; Display boards made of plastics; Display fitments; Display fittings (furniture) of metal; Display frames; Display racking; Display screens (furniture); Display shelves; Display units (furniture); Display units for exhibition purposes; Display units for presentation purposes; Folding display screens; Mobile display boards; Mobile display units (furniture); Screens (furniture) for display purposes; Self adhesive display panels; Shelves for display purposes; Computer desks; Desk tops; Desk units; Desks; Desks of adjustable height; Mobile writing desks; Modular desks (furniture); Seats adapted for use with desks; Standing desks; Work stations (desks) incorporating supports for a computer screen and keyboard; Writing desks; Cable trays of non-metallic materials (other than electric); Stacking trays of plastic; Stacking trays of wood; Trays, not of metal; Computer stands; Computer tables; Computer workstations (furniture); Furniture for computers; Furniture for use in relation to computers; Trolleys for computers (furniture); Chairs (seats); Chairs being furniture; Chairs being office furniture; Chairs for offices; Contour chairs; Office chairs; Dividing screens in the nature of furniture; Movable screens (furniture); Partitions (screens) in the nature of furniture; Screens (furniture); Screens (furniture) for use as room dividers in offices; Screens for use as screen walls (furniture); Screens in the nature of blinds (indoor); Screens in the nature of furniture for use as room dividers; Wall screening (furniture) for offices; Adhesive wall decorations of wood; Wall cupboards; Wall shelves; Wall shelves of metal; Wall shelves of non-metallic materials; Curtain drawing devices, other than electrically operated; Fittings for curtains; Bag hangers, not of metal; Non-metallic hangers for shelves; Non-metallic hangers for shelving; Boards in the nature of furniture; Bulletin boards (other than electronic); Cork memo boards; Frames for display boards; Notice boards; Viewing boards being for display purposes; Article storage apparatus (furniture); Boxes for storage purposes (plastic); Boxes for storage purposes (wood); Furniture for storage; Hanging storage racks (furniture); Mobile storage racks (furniture); Non-metallic racks (furniture) for use in storage; Non-metallic storage racks (furniture); Shelves for storage; Storage boxes (furniture); Storage furniture; Storage shelves; Mobile partitions (furniture); Shelf units (furniture); Drawing tables; Work tables; Writing tables; Keyboards for hanging keys