Identification plates, not of metal; Identity plates, not of metal; Non-metallic leaner driver plates; Non-metallic nationality plates for vehicles; Non-metallic number plate digits; Non-metallic number plates for vehicles; Plates of plastic for use in displaying information; Registration plates, not of metal; House numbers, not of metal, non-luminous; Magnetic numbers made of non-metallic materials (other than stationery or type); Numberplates, not of metal; Advertisement boards; Advertisement display boards of plastic (non-luminous); Advertising display boards (furniture); Advertising display boards of plastic (non-luminous); Boards of plastics materials for advertising purposes (non-luminous); Bulletin boards (other than electronic); Card holders in the nature of display boards; Display boards; Display boards for advertising; Display boards made of plastics; Exhibition boards; Letter boards (blank display boards); Mobile boarding steps made of non-metallic materials; Mobile display boards; Notice boards; Photographic mounting boards; Plastic sheet materials for use as display boards; Viewing boards being for display purposes; Frameless picture holders; Holders for pennants; Holders for photographs (frames); Holders of plastics materials for displaying graphic material on inserts; Holders of plastics materials for displaying pictorial material on inserts; Key holders (furniture); Key holders not of metal, not of leather; Licence holders (Non-metallic); Licence holders made of plastics materials; Picture holders (frames); Apparatus for the display of goods; Apparatus for the presentation (display) of goods; Assemblies for display purposes; Counters for display purposes; Decorative strips of plastics for application to display cabinets; Display apparatus in the nature of furniture; Display fitments; Display frames; Display stands for merchandise; Display stands for posters; Multi-purpose display stands; Non-metallic shop display fittings,; Point of sale displays (furniture); Point-of-sale price displays made of plastics materials; Portable display stands for supporting advertising; Portable sales display units (furniture); Portable upright display stands; Poster display apparatus; Self adhesive display panels; Identification bracelets, not of metal; Identification marking devices of plastics for non-electric cables; Identification tags (other than for medical purposes); Wrist tags for identification purposes (other than for medical purposes)