Fasteners, not of metal, for doors; street furniture, not of metal; lock barrels, not of metal; square set screws of non-metallic materials; wood screws (non-metallic -); self-tapping non-metallic screws; threaded screws of plastic; set screws, not of metal; binding screws, not of metal, for cables; screw nails not of metal; self-tapping non-metallic bolts; socket head shoulder screws, not of metal; holders for use in the securing of window coverings; cable fasteners, connectors and holders; molds of plaster for casting ceramic materials; self-tapping non-metallic plugs; seats of metal; beam supported seating; pulleys of plastics for blinds; benches [furniture]; benches for sports fields; golf course benches; clamps (non-metallic -) for fixing doors; clamps (non-metallic -) for fixing blinds; outdoor furniture; furniture; wooden furniture; mechanisms (non-metallic, non-electric -) for lifting doors; mechanisms (non-metallic, non-electric -) for lifting windows; mechanisms (non-metallic, non- electric -) for opening doors; mechanisms (non-metallic, non-electric -) for opening windows; mechanisms (non-metallic, non-electric -) for locking doors; mechanisms (non-metallic, non- electric -) for locking windows; mechanisms (non-metallic, non-electric -) for rolling windows; window handles (non-metallic -); support rods for curtains; window fittings, not of metal; curtain runners; safety hooks, not of metal; bundle clips of non-metallic materials; cable grips of non-metallic materials; pipe clamps of plastics; furniture for doors [non-metallic]; turn-button fasteners (non-metallic -); non-metallic fasteners for cables; fasteners, non- metallic; non-metallic fasteners for pipes; concealed fastening devices of non-metallic materials; threaded fasteners made of plastic; architectural fasteners of non-metallic materials; blind bolt fasteners of non-metallic materials; corner cap components, not of metal; connecting elements (non-metallic -) for furniture; door fasteners, not of metal; window fasteners, not of metal; curtain drawing devices, other than electrically operated; window closing devices (non-electric -) of non-metallic materials; curtain suspension devices; window glazing fixtures (non-metallic -); screw threaded fasteners, not of metal; door closers (non-electric -) of non-metallic materials; catches (furniture -), not of metal; window fasteners (non-metallic -); closers (non-electric, non-metallic -) for windows; closers (non-electric, non-metallic -) for doors; combined closures for containers [non-metallic and not for household or kitchen use]; safety locking devices [not of metal, non-electric]; cremone bolts of non-metallic materials for locks; cremone bolts, not of metal for windows; plugs [dowels], not of metal; non-metal recycling bins for commercial use; containers, not of metal [storage, transport]; containers (non-metallic -) in the form of bins; slatted blind connectors; cable connectors (non-electric -) of non-metallic materials; fasteners; sprigs [dowel pins], not of metal; nails, not of metal; pitons, not of metal; fixing nails, not of metal; window casement bolts (non-metallic -); non-metal door bolts; keys (non-metallic -) for opening locks; baskets, non-metallic; bolts, not of metal; shackle bolts, not of metal; screw bolts, not of metal; fixing bolts, not of metal; toggle bolts (non-metallic -); non-metallic tracks for sliding doors; metal bench seats; hinges, not of metal; metal venetian blinds [external]