Bins of plastics for making compost; boxes for stacking purposes (plastic); boxes for storage purposes (plastic); boxes made of plastic; boxes made of plastics materials for packaging; boxes of wood or plastic; cases of wood or plastic; containers made of plastic; drain traps (valves) of plastic; drains (valves) made of plastic; holders of plastics materials for displaying graphic material on inserts; holders of plastics materials for displaying pictorial material on inserts; household articles made of plastic for decoration purposes; packaging containers made principally of plastics; packaging containers of plastic; plant containers made of plastic; plastic bins (other than dustbins); plastic boxes for packing; plastic containers (packaging); plastic fittings (clips) for attachment to tubing; plastic fuel tanks (other than parts of vehicles); plastic packing containers; plastic racks for household articles; plastic racks for tools; plastic road cones; plastic tubs; plastics components for packaging containers; plastics containers for use in agrochemical fields; plastics mouldings; portable boxes (containers) of plastic; portable water carriers (containers) made of plastics; pots of plastic for packaging; stop valves of plastic (other than parts of machines, or being regulating or safety apparatus for water and gas); storage chests made of plastic; street furniture made of plastic (other than structures); tanks made principally of plastics materials and for use in industry; traffic cones of plastic (non-luminous, non-mechanical); tubs made of plastics for containing flowers; tubs made of plastics for containing plants; wall decorations of plastic (other than parts of buildings)
Bins, not of metal; non-metallic containers in the form of bins; paper bins; benches with shelves; box shelves; consignment shelving (furniture); continuous transit shelving (furniture); display shelves; metal shelving (furniture); modular shelving (furniture); non-metallic hangers for shelves and shelving; non-metallic shelves (furniture); non-metallic wall shelves (furniture); prefabricated shelves (furniture); rack bars for shelves (non-metallic); sectional units for use as shelving; shelves (furniture); shelves being nursery furniture; shelves for display purposes; shelves for storage; shelves made of plastics materials; shelves of combined metal, plastic or glass; shelves of metal (furniture); shelves of non-metallic materials (furniture); shelving apparatus (furniture); shelving troughs; shelving units; shop shelvings; single-pane safety glass in the form of shelves; storage shelves (furniture); furniture; holders and carriers, not made of metal, for lighting fixtures; shelves; garden hose reels, not made of metal; sales stands in this class; compost bins of plastic; non-metallic composting bins and receptacles; pot trays and bases, not of metal; outdoor furniture settings, including garden furniture, benches, chairs, deck chairs, sling chairs, folding and collapsible chairs, swing chairs, lounges and recliners, stools, tables, folding tables and chairs and table sets all for outdoor use; seat pads; cushions including indoor and outdoor and weatherproof cushions; bolsters; ornamental garden features in this class; water features of wood, plaster or plastic and substitutes for all these materials; garden decorations of wood, plaster or plastic and substitutes for all these materials; troughs in this class; garden edging of wood, plaster or plastic and substitutes for all these materials; ornamental garden features in this class; shade covers for greenhouses and summerhouses; stakes for propping-up plants and branches, lawn and bed-edging, not made of metal; excluding wall partitions