Rubber coatings in the nature of paint; Rubber paints; Sealant primers; Sealants (paints); Sealants in the nature of paints; Sealing compositions in the nature of paint; Sealing liquids (preservatives) for wood; Sealing preparations (paint); Sealing preparations for floors (paint); Water sealant preparations (paints); Weather sealing stains; Anti-rust compounds; Anti-rust inhibitors; Anti-rust oils; Anti-rust products; Anti-rust treatments; Chemical rust inhibitors; Coating preparations for protection against rust; Coatings for preserving against rust; Paints for the control of rust; Paints for the prevention of rust; Preparations for inhibiting rust; Preparations for preserving metal against rust; Preparations for preventing the formation of rust; Preparations for rust proofing; Preparations for the treatment of metal surfaces to resist attack by rust; Preservatives against rust; Rust preventatives; Rust proofing preparations; Rust protecting paints; Rust resisting substances; Acrylic coatings (paints); Acrylic decorative coatings (in the nature of paint); Acrylic paints; Acrylic protective coatings (in the nature of paint); Anti-corrosive coatings (paints); Anti-corrosive paints; Anti-damp insulating compositions (paint); Automotive paints; Blacks (colorants or paints); Car paints; Cement preservatives (paints); Coatings (paints); Coatings for roofing felt (paints); Coatings to protect stone from water (paints or oils); Coloured paints; Damp proofing paints; Decorating paints; Dispersion paints; Engine paints; Materials for use in maintaining buildings (paint); Materials for use in preserving buildings (paints); Materials for use in protecting buildings (paints); Materials in the nature of coatings for building purposes (paints); Metal preservatives (paints); Moisture repellant coatings (paints); Paints for protection against corrosion; Paints for use in manufacturing; Paints for use in preventing mould; Paints for use in the automobile industry; Polyurethane coatings (paints); Spray coatings (paints); Spray on paints; Undercoats (paints) for use on metal; Undercoats (paints) for use on wood; Wall coatings (paint); Water based acrylic paints; Water repellent coatings (paints) for masonry; Water repellents in the nature of paints; Water resistant protective surface coatings (paints); Waterproof coatings (paints); Waterproofing compositions in the nature of paint; Waterproofing compounds (paint); Waterproofing preparations (paint); Weather resistant coatings (paints); Weathering preservatives (paints); Weatherproofing coatings (paints)