Pigment concentrates of synthetic plastic materials; paints; varnishes; lacquers; colorants; synthetic resin colors; thickeners for paints; dyestuffs; mordants; raw natural resins; thinners, thickeners, fixatives and siccatives for paints, varnishes and lacquers; pigments; coloring pigments; printing pigments; pigments in liquid form; powdered pigments; organic pigments for colorant production; pigments for paints; pigments for protective coatings; preparations based on pigments, dyes, colorants and inks; polyurethane coatings (paints); additives for paints; colorants for use in the formulation of paints; coloring material for use in paints; coatings in the form of paints; preservatives against rust and damage to wood; anti-rust oils (antioxidants); metals in foil and powder form for painters and decorators; primers; resin primers; synthetic resin primers [paints]; sealing primers; primers for preparing surfaces for painting; coatings for use as primers; paint sealers; sealant liquids for preserving wood; aerosols for lacquering; protective coatings in the form of aerosols for use on metals and concretes; solvents for diluting paints; solvent preparations for paints; anti-corrosive preparations; corrosion inhibitors in coating form; anti-corrosive preparations for vehicles; anti-corrosive dyes for use in paint mixing for color selection; spray coatings (anticorrosive); transparent protective coatings for vehicles; protective coatings for wood surfaces; paint sealers; binders for paints and putty; drying agents for paints and putty.