Paints, varnishes, lacquers, preservatives against rust and deterioration of wood, colouring matters, dye-stuffs, mordants, natural resins, metals in foil and powder form for painters and decorators, alkyd paints, acrylic/vinyl paints, enamel paints, oil paints, roof paints, paving paints, timber coat paints, heat resistant paints, rust inhibiting enamel paints, industrial paints, engine enamel, tyre black paints, glass house white paint, line marking paints, primers, undercoats, pre paint rust converter, pool paints, epoxy tar, clear coatings, varnishes, metal lacquers, paint brushes , hand cleaners, hand gel, hand cream, wood fillers, putty, body filler, wood stains, timber stains, fence stains, timber coatings, french polish, white polish, stencil ink, sealers, industrial paints, paint removers, paint strippers, paint tinters, paint rollers, paint thinners, turpentine, methylated spirits, white spirit, raw oil, linseed oil, metallic paints, paint solvents, containers, paint containers, paint tins, sealant, paint drop sheets, masking tape, caulking guns, sanding blocks, paint mixers, face masks, rubber gloves, rags, polishing rags, hessian, shave hooks, paint scrappers, stripping knives, putty knives, razor blades, scraper blades, paint edgers, buckets, painting trays, surface coatings, exterior and interior timber finishes, wall paper and wall papering accessories, plumb bobs, wall paper size, wall paper smoothers, scissors, ladders, steps, trestles, spray painting equipment, spray paint guns, spray paint pots, and all other goods connected with paints and painting
Paints, varnishes, lacquers; preservatives against rust and against deterioration of wood; colorants; mordants; raw natural resins; metals in foil and powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists; epoxy coatings; epoxy primers; epoxy resin coatings; surface coatings consisting of epoxy type binder resin systems; floor paints; coating compositions having waterproofing properties (paints or oils); coatings for waterproofing (except chemicals); non metallic waterproofing materials in the nature of paint; preparations for use as waterproofing coatings on the surfaces of buildings (paints); preparations for use as waterproofing coatings on the surfaces of structures (paints); preparations for waterproofing (paints); waterproofing compositions in the nature of paint; waterproofing compounds (paint); waterproofing preparations (paint); acrylic coatings (paints); acrylic decorative coatings (in the nature of paint); acrylic paints; acrylic polymer based materials for covering surfaces; acrylic protective coatings (in the nature of paint); additives for use as colorants for foodstuffs; additives to paints, not being chemical preparations for the manufacture of paints; agglutinants for colorants; agglutinants for paint; agglutinants for paints; aluminium paints; aluminium powder for painters, artists and decorators; aluminium powder for painting; anti-corrosive agents; anti-corrosive bands; anti-corrosive coatings (paints); anti-corrosive compositions; anti-corrosive compounds; anti-corrosive paints; anti-corrosive preparations; anti-corrosive products; anti-corrosive substances; anti-cryptogamic protection varnishes; anti-damp insulating compositions (paint); anti-fouling compositions; anti-fouling paints; anti-fungal compositions; anti-graffiti coatings (paint); anti-mildew compositions; anti-rust compounds; anti-rust inhibitors; anti-static coatings; anti-static paints; anti-tarnishing coatings; aqueous pigment dispersion preparations; architectural paints; artists' paints; asbestos paints; automotive enamels; automotive paints; automotive undercoat compounds; bactericidal coatings; bactericidal paints; binders for lacquers; binders for paints; binders for varnishes; binding agents for coating materials; binding agents for paints; binding preparations for paints; bitumen varnish; bituminous sealing compounds (paint);