Non-stick coating for cookware, bakeware, small electrical appliances, and cooking utensils; penetrating sealer coatings for use on carpet and products made of stone, tile, ceramics, masonry, and grout; coating preparations for leather treatment; oil and grease resistant coatings; tinctorial materials for coat and foam paint applications, varnishes and lacquers for household articles; pigments and colorants, namely, titanium dioxide pigments and fillers for use in coated and uncoated paper, paperboard and for industrial use; colorant used for detecting leaks in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems; fluoropolymer resin coatings for oil and gas production pipes, tubes, pumps, equipment and wire enamels; preservatives against rust and deterioration of wood and metals; coloring matters, dyestuffs; mordants; natural resins; metals in foil and powder form for painters; binding substances and thinners for paints, shoe paints; coatings for drapery hardware, chutes (sloping channels) for handling materials, machinery, machine parts, hand tools, including saws and other carpentry tools, shovels and other gardening tools, power tools, electrical and nonelectrical, stove hoods and stove vents; resin finishes for varnishes and wire enamels; organic fluoride products for use as anticorrosive substances; stabilized chlorine dioxide solutions for use as anticorrosives for use by food processing plants, dairies, ice plants, oil well drilling operations, water treatments equipments, cooling towers, industrial exhaust systems, potato piling, storage and paper mills; stabilized chlorine dioxide solutions for use as anti-corrosives; organic fluoride products for use as anti-corrosive substances