Dyestuffs paints; painters' colours; paints for protection against corrosion; varnishes; lacquers; mordants; anti-rust preparations; preparations for preventing the deterioration of wood; preservatives against deterioration of wood and anti-corrosive preparations of plastic, being pastes or liquids, for surfaces of wood and metal to protect against moisture; colorants; raw natural resins; undercoats; base coats and primers (adhesive bases); primers being paints; wood oils; coatings in the form of paints; pigments; dispersion paints; wall paints and exterior wall paints; artificial resin lacquers; floor varnish; resins; paints and washes; anti-fouling paints; coatings; bactericidal paints; coating compositions in the form of paint; agglutinants for paint; thickeners for colours; thickening agents for paints and dyes; fixatives [varnishes]; glazes [paints, lacquers]; gum resins; turpentine [thinner for paints]; solvents for thinning paints; thinners for colours; thinners for lacquers; thinners for all of the aforesaid and following colorants and coatings and glazes and impregnating preparations and lacquers and paints; turpentine and other organic solvents being paint thinners; lacquers for buildings; coloured varnish; white varnish; clear finishes; floor coverings in the form of coatings; coatings for roofing; materials [paints] for damp proof treatment; wood glazes; interior paint; exterior wall paints; tinting paints; thinners for coatings; tinting paste for paints; water-dilutable lacquers; organic and inorganic pigment paints.