Waterproof membranes for use as ground liners for lakes; Waterproof membranes for use as ground liners for landfill sites; Waterproof membranes for use as ground liners for ponds; Elastomer waterproof preparations for preserving asbestos roofs (not paint); Elastomer waterproof preparations for the protection of asbestos roofs (not paint); Non-metallic building materials for waterproofing purposes; Non-metallic building materials having waterproofing properties; Non-metallic flashings for waterproofing buildings; Non-metallic membranes for waterproofing; Non-metallic waterproofing membranes; Non-metallic waterproofing membranes for use in building; Polymeric bitumen emulsion for waterproofing buildings; Preparations for use as waterproofing coatings on the surfaces of buildings (other than paints); Preparations for use as waterproofing coatings on the surfaces of structures (other than paints); Waterproofing membranes for application by spraying; Bituminous coatings for roofing; Bituminous products for building; Bituminous sealing compounds, other than paint; Bituminous sealing membranes; Concrete coatings; Industrial coatings (building materials); Liquid applied coatings for building surfaces (not paints); Liquid applied coatings for concrete (not paints); Protective coatings (building materials); Protective coatings for repelling water (building materials); Protective coatings for roofs (other than paints); Sealants in the nature of coatings (other than paints); Bituminous emulsions (other than in the nature of paint); Polymeric bitumen emulsions for road surfaces; Polymeric bitumen emulsions for the protection of buildings
Water storage towers, not of metal; Branching pipes, not of metal; Non-metallic air pipes for buildings; Non-metallic discharge pipes for building installations; Non-metallic drainage pipes; Non-metallic pipes (drain); Non-metallic pipes for building purposes; Non-metallic pipes for roof drainage installations; Non-metallic rigid pipes; Non-metallic rigid pipes for construction purposes; Non-metallic sewer pipes; Non-metallic water fittings incorporating flow control (parts for water pipes); Non-metallic water pipes (other than parts of sanitary installations); Plastic pipes (rigid) for water; Rigid non-metallic pipes for building (other than parts of sanitary installations); Rigid pipes (not of metal); Rigid pipes not of metal (building); Rigid pipes of plastics (other than parts of sanitary installations; Water regulating valves (not of metal or plastic) for water pipes; Water-pipes, not of metal; Manhole covers, not of metal; Non-metallic building materials for use in setting manholes; Non-metallic manhole covers; Non-metallic manhole frames; Non-metallic manholes; Non-metallic linings for tunnels; Non-metallic materials for use in the construction of tunnels; Non-metallic tunnels; Air ducts of non-metallic materials for buildings; Ducting installations (non-electric, non-metallic); Ducts, not of metal, for ventilating and air-conditioning installations; Non-metallic air ducts for buildings; Non-metallic ducts for ventilating and air conditioning installations; Non-metallic venting ducts; Pre-formed non-metallic floor ducts (other than electric); Channels of non-metallic materials for transmitting air for ventilation; Sewer liners of plastic material; Drain channels, not of metal; Drain covers, not of metal; Drain pipes, not of metal; Drain traps (valves), not of metal or plastic; Drains (other than of metal or plastic); Non-metallic covers for drainage channels; Non-metallic drainage apparatus; Non-metallic drainage channels; Non-metallic drainage courses; Non-metallic drainage products for use in building; Non-metallic drainage products for use in roofing; Non-metallic industrial drainage apparatus; Rainwater drainage apparatus of plastic materials; Rigid channels for drainage (non-metallic); Non-metallic building materials for flood protection; Building materials of plastic material; Non-metallic building materials for civil engineering; Non-metallic building materials for roofs; Non- metallic building materials in the form of plastic extrusions; non-metallic pipes for building culverts, road crossings and tunnels to allow passage of water under or beside a road way