Thixotropic paste epoxy binder and adhesive, thixotropic epoxy mortar and adhesive for high build applications, cementitious trowel applied lightweight polymer modified repair mortar; universal, fast-setting, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, light weight repair mortar; cementitious polymer modified thin layer fairing mortar; sbr polymer based bonding and modifying agent for concrete and mortars; single component, cement based, multi-use, bonding and active protective primer; sprayable, fiber-reinforced structural repair mortar with integral corrosion inhibitor; lightweight, mid strength, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, structural repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition; high-strength, shrinkage compensated, fibre reinforced, structural repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition; shrinkage compensated, flowable, structural repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition, a general structural concrete-bonding injection resin; cementitious hand applied repair mortar for aggressive environments; cementitious spray applied repair mortar for aggressive environments; cementitious spray applied repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition; cementitious spray applied repair mortar for cathodic protection overlays; cementitious rapid setting repair mortar for underwater applications; rapid setting trafficable repair mortar; cementitious high strength rapid setting trafficable repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition; rapid setting trafficable repair mortar; a two-part highly chemical resistant, crack-bridging membrane for waterproofing and protection of concrete structures in harsh conditions; two-component primer based on xolutec – technology for masterseal systems; colourless, silane and siloxane-based water-repellent impregnator in watery emulsion; ready-to-use bonding promoter and primer made from synthetic acrylic resin and silica inerts; ready-to-use rapid setting and hardening hydraulic binder; osmotic cementitious mortar suitable for contac; t with drinking water, for waterproofing masonry and concrete structures; ultra-fast setting and curing hydraulic binder for stopping water leaks; high-performance, high-flow concrete patch; a chloride-free liquid admixture, reduces hydraulic shrinkage in cementitious conglomerates; two-component, anti-corrosion cementitious mortar for protecting steel reinforcement rods; premium super flow high strength non-shrink precision cementitious grout; medium strength (40 mpa), shrinkage- compensated, fibre-reinforced, thixotropic mortar for repairing concrete; fast-setting and hardening compensated-shrinkage, easy-flow mortar for repairing concrete and fixing inspection shafts and manholes and highway coating materials; sulphate-resistant, fibre-reinforced shrinkage compensated thixotropic mortar for the repair of concrete; shrinkage-compensated fibre-reinforced mortar for concrete repair; general purpose non-shrink cementitious grout; shrinkage compensated, super flow micro-concrete; two-component, flexible cementitious mortar for protecting large concrete structures subjected to high stress; alkali-resistant (according to etag 004 directive) fibre glass mesh used to reinforce waterproof protection layers, anti-fracture membranes and cementitious smoothing and levelling layers; water-repellent, cementitious skimming mortar with a fine, natural finish for concrete and plastic coatings; ultra fine textured skimming mortar for concrete; recommended for exposed finish surfaces; structural r4-class, rapid- setting, shrinkage-compensated, thixotropic, fibre-reinforced, cementitious mortar, applied in a single layer from 3 to 40 mm thick, for repairing and smoothing concrete; used for consolidating and improving weak or powdery surfaces; suitable for outdoor use for consolidating the surface of concrete slabs, screeds, renders, bricks, sandstone, tuff, cement and lime-based decorative mortar; two component water based epoxy primer and moisture barrier suitable for green concrete; and damp substrates; epoxy moisture barrier for cementitious substrates; two-component fillerized epoxy primer; high strength epoxy bonding agent for new to old concrete and primer for repair mortars to concrete substrates; nitobond har is the recommended primer for the renderoc cementitous repair system; shrinkage compensated repair mortar suitable for use with embedded galvanic anodes; polymer modified fairing mortar, to cover surface imperfections, (0mm to 3mm thickness); repair express cement is a high-quality filler with granular structure for easy and shrink free repairing of cracks and joints in concrete; a heavy duty, high quality two-part repair filler with excellent adhesion on a wide range of surfaces for internal / external use; rapid set screed mix; bonding agent for use with sand/cement screeds and renders; very rapid hardening repair mortar; high build cement based ultra-light weight patching mortar; bonding primer and reinforcement corrosion protection; high modulus, high-strength, structural, rapid curing epoxy, smooth-paste adhesive; high strength epoxy resin patching mortar; thixotropic epoxy resin adhesive mortar; epoxy resin bonding agent; low viscosity epoxy resin; embedded galvanic anodes for the protection of reinforcing steel; silane/siloxane based hydrophobic impregnant; a free-flowing fast setting grout, for embedding discrete anodes; dust arresting and hardening treatment; levelling cement flooring compound to economically bulk fill and raise floors; pebblecrete, exposed aggregate, non-slip additives; fast hardening self-levelling smoothing compound; rapid hardening & drying repair mortar; retailing and wholesale of the aforementioned goods