Siding materials, not of metal; Siding materials of cement; Plank siding, not of metal; Plank siding of cement; Roof coverings not of metal; Non-metallic roof tiles; Roof panels, not of metal; Roofs and roof structures, not of metal; Non-metal roof materials and roof elements for example roofing panels; Roofing elements of fiber reinforced cement; Panels and boards made of fiber-reinforced cement; Non-metallic sidings; Fiber cement siding; Concrete building panels; Fiber cement; Building materials made of fiber cement; Concrete reinforced with synthetic fibers; Cement based wall coatings; Cement wall components; Calcium silicate boards; Wood-fiber reinforced cement boards; Fiber reinforced cement boards; Cement and its products; Linoleum building materials; Plastic building materials; Synthetic building materials; Asphalt, and asphalt building or construction materials; Rubber building or construction materials; Plaster [for building purposes]; Lime building or construction materials; Building or construction materials of plaster; rockslide retention nets of textiles [construction materials]; Tar; Pitch; Non-metallic minerals for building or construction; Ceramic building materials, bricks and refractory products; Prefabricated building kits, not of metal; Vegetation seed-carrier sheets for prevention of earth collapse or landslide; Plastic security windows allowing communication; Demarcating tapes; Building timber; Building stone; Building glass; Artificial fish reefs, not of metal; Poultry houses, not of metal; Paint spraying booths, not of metal; Moulds for forming cement products, not of metal; Water-pipe valves, not of metal or plastics; Road signs, not of metal, non-luminous, and not mechanical; Beacons, not of metal, non-luminous; Reservoirs, not of metal or plastics; Letter boxes of masonry; Joinery fittings, not of metal; Stone lanterns; Transportable greenhouses, not of metal for household use; Gravestones and tomb plaques, not of metal; Stone sculptures; Concrete sculptures; Marble sculptures; Nonmetallic mineral materials, unworked or partly worked; Outdoor blinds, not of metal or textile; Man-made garden ponds [structures, not of metal].