Security glass for use in building; glazed doors (non-metallic frame); glazed panels (non-metallic frame) for construction; glazed roof panels (non-metallic frame); glazed wall panels (non-metallic frame); glazed windows (non-metallic frame); non-metallic double glazed units; articles of glass for building purposes; building glass; building materials consisting of glass; building materials of glass; clear glass for building purposes; coloured glass for windows; doors made of glass for buildings; float glass for building; folding walls of glass; glass building materials; glass doors; glass for building; glass for the windows of buildings; glass for use in building; glass for use in buildings; glass for windows; glass for windows in buildings; glass panels for doors; glass panels for windows; glass screens; glass shapes for use in windows; glass walls; glass windows; insulating glass (building); insulating glass for building; insulating glass for construction purposes; insulating glass for use in building; insulation glass for building; layered glass; materials for insulating (building glass); materials for insulation (building glass); materials of glass for use in building construction; multilayer coated safety glass for glazing buildings; multilayer safety glass for glazing buildings; multilayered insulating glass units for glazing buildings; reinforced glass for building; safety glass; safety glass for building; sealed insulating glass units for building; security glass for use in building; thermal insulating glass for use in building; toughened glass for building; window glass for building; window glass for use in building; window glass for use in construction; window glass, for building; windows made of laminated safety glass for buildings; windows made principally of glass
Self adhesive fabric for use in building; Insulating structures for protecting steelwork; Buildings, not of metal; Non-metallic articles for use in building; Non-metallic building materials; Non-metallic building products; Non-metallic buildings; Non-metallic shutters; Shingles; Non-metallic sidings; Non-metallic garage doors; Patio doors (non-metallic frame); Patio doors made of non-metallic materials; Non-metallic sliding doors (other than for furniture or for vehicles); Non-metallic window frames; Non-metallic window sashes; Non-metallic frames for windows; Non-metallic windows; Safety fittings of synthetic plastics for windows; Windows, not of metal; Elastomer waterproof preparations for the protection of asbestos roofs (not paint); Liquid plastic surface coatings for protection against moisture (not paints); Polymeric bitumen emulsions for the protection of buildings; Non-metallic fasteners being security devices for windows; Window frames, not of metal; Windows made of laminated safety glass for buildings; Non-metallic laterally opening doors; Non-metallic building fronts; Non-metallic shop fronts; Garages made of non-metallic materials; Non-metallic doors for use in garages; Outdoor blinds, not of metal and not of textile; Plastic window frames; Greenhouses, transportable, not of metal; Non-metallic sheets for use with greenhouses; Prefabricated greenhouses (non-metallic frame); Prefabricated mobile greenhouses (non-metallic frame); Non-metallic roller shutters; Non-metallic shutters for windows; Security shutters of non-metallic materials; Non-metallic building materials made of vinyl plastics; Vinyl siding; Casements, not of metal; Non-metallic window casements; Wood; Non-metallic roofing membranes