Rocks (natural); asphalt, pitch and bitumen; concrete; concrete products for use in building; concrete products for use in gardens; concrete products for use in landscaping; concrete products for use in roadways; plaster; concrete mix, mortar and masonry mix, and patching mixes for repairing and patching concrete and cement surfaces; dry-cementitious pre-mixes namely, concrete mix, stucco and grout; mortar for casting concrete and masonry mix and patching materials for repairing and patching concrete and cement surfaces; dry cement pre-mix for patching concrete highway, roads and bridge decks; sand; vinyl concrete patcher; plaster patching composition; blacktop patching material for repairing holes and cracks on driveways; asphalt emulsion driveway crack filler for filling thin cracks in blacktop, driveways, patios and between foundations and walks; cracks sealant made of a blended latex emulsion to adhere to concrete surfaces for concrete filling cracks in sidewalks, steps, patios, decks, and appliance platforms; coal-tar pitch emulsion driveway sealer fortified with oil-proof rubber in latex form for use in protecting bituminous pavements exposed to jet fuels, kerosene, gasoline and similar petroleum products; lawn and garden natural rocks for creating decorative landscape settings; floor and concrete resurfacers, in the nature of mixes for repairing and patching surfaces; cementitious masonry coating used to coat masonry surfaces, stucco, grout, stucco patch, and sand; non-metallic forms for shaping concrete; protective fiber-glass exterior coating (building materials) for insulation panels to prevent heat loss
Rough sawn timber; Sawn timber; Timber building boards; Timber building products; Timber mouldings; Timber products for use in building; Door frames, not of metal; Doors made of wood for buildings; Doors, not of metal; Folding doors, not of metal; Glazed doors (non-metallic frame); Non-metallic door casings; Non-metallic door surrounds; Non-metallic doors; Non-metallic external door frames; Non-metallic external doors; Non-metallic frames for doors; Non-metallic sliding doors (other than for furniture or for vehicles); Patio doors (non-metallic frame); Patio doors made of non-metallic materials; Ready made door frames made of wood; Ready made doors made of wood; Wooden door frames; Wooden doors; Casement windows, not of metal; Fitted windows made of non-metallic materials; Mounts of wood for skylight windows; Non-metallic cladding for windows; Non-metallic external shutters for windows; Non-metallic frames for glazed windows; Non-metallic frames for windows; Non-metallic louvre window assemblies; Non-metallic roof lights (windows); Non-metallic roof windows; Non-metallic shaped sections for use in the construction of windows; Non-metallic window casements; Non-metallic window frames; Non-metallic window sashes; Non-metallic window sills; Non-metallic window surrounds; Non-metallic windows; Ready made window frames made of wood; Ready made windows made of wood; Shaped sections of wood for the production of window frames; Window frames, not of metal; Windows, not of metal; Wood window frames; Gates of non-metallic materials (other than coin operated); Gates, not of metal; Non-metallic gates for outdoor use; Acoustic panels of wood for ceilings; Articles of wood for building purposes; Articles of wood for carpentry; Articles of wood for joinery; Cladding sheets of wood; Facing elements made of wood based materials for ceilings; Facing elements made of wood for ceilings; Moulded wood; Sawn wood; Shaped sections of wood for the production of doors; Wall panelling made of wood; Wood; Wooden profiles