Non metallic building materials. Asphalt, pitch and bitumen, non-metallic transportable buildings, monuments not of metal, building stones. Non metallic gutters, chimneys and chimney cowls, beams and girders, frame-work and cornices. Materials for roofing, cladding and wall covering out of clay, concrete, cement, composite or synthetic materials with or without fibre reinforcement, glass or wood. Paving blocks, floor tiles, tile floorings, cornices, skirtings and friezes, and shaped pieces, parquet floorings, laminated floors, non metallic floors, non metallic partitions, ceilings, staircases not of metal. Reinforcing materials not of metal for building, girders not of metals for building panels, plates and rolls not of metal for building. Rigid pipes and tubes not of metal, fittings for the here abovementioned products, fitting and servicing parts for the connection, the assembling, the installation and the repair of pipes. Building materials made from glass, toughened and semi-toughened window glass and double-glazing, laminated window glass and double glazing, annealed window glass and double-glazing, window glass and double glazing for thermal insulation and reinforced thermal insulation, window glass and double-glazing for sounding-proofing, window glass and double-glazing for protection, window glass and double-glazing for renovation, window glass and double-glazing for sun-control, reflective and anti-reflective window glass and double-glazing, coated glass panes, glazing which redirects the light, glass with heating elements for de-frosting, de-icing or heating purposes, glazing including convex window glass and double-glazing, clear or tinted glass, super-clear glass, sandblasted or etched glazing, clear and tinted patterned glass, silk screen printed glass, enamelled glass for the construction, wired glass, sectional glass, ceramic glass for the construction, stretched glass, blown glass, fire-proof window glass, flame proof window glass, attached exterior; glazings, glued exterior glazings, sliding curved windows, protective window glass against x-rays. Refractory products, refractory linings, refractory materials in powder or granular form, in the form of bricks, blocks, plates; refractory material building materials, prefabricated parts, pipes and ducts, gutters, drains. Wood used for the construction, namely in the form of boards, plates, logs and waterproof fibreboards, manufactured timber, semi-worked wood, non metallic stakes.All kinds of mortar in the form of powder or paste for the construction and renovation of buildings, such as facade coatings, interior coatings, all kinds of repair mortar, dressing and filler mortar for walls, ceilings and floors, mortar for screeds, mortar for building and pointing masonry, visible or not, fireproofing mortar, mortar for laying and pointing ceramic coverings, natural and artificial stone, mortar for building walls or other building elements, waterproof mortars or coverings. Doors not of metal, doors with built-in glass, windows not of metal, insulating windows, insulating window elements, shutters not of metal. Gates not of metal, fences not of metal, blades and posts for fences not of metal, latticework not of metal, handrails not of metal, pergolas not of metal, canopies, verandahs, aquaria. Non metallic inspection hatches for baths, showers, toilets; heat and sound insulating mortars; manhole covers, manhole chambers and branches for sewers, duct covers, all the aforesaid goods being flexible or made of plastic
Non-metallic roofing and building materials; non-metal roofing shingles; asphalt roof shingles; concrete roof tiles; clay roof tiles, roofing slates; plastic roof tiles; non-metal roofing membrane; bitumen roofing membrane; modified bitumen roofing membrane; plasticized bituminous roofing membranes; fiberglass roofing membranes; thermoplastic olefin roofing membranes; gas, radon and geo ground membranes; PVC roofing membrane; roofing waterproof membranes; synthetic building materials for construction and renovation of pipelines, agriculture, pool covers and construction; roofing felt, underlayment; covering boards, roof coverings, not of metal, in the form of polyester mats; asphalt coated glass mat for use in the construction of built-up roofing; non-metallic materials for use with roofing and roofing repairs and maintenance, namely asphalt, pitch, tar and bitumen; asphalt roof coatings, asphalt roofing paper, bitumen-based roofing sealants and coatings, bitumen waterproofing for roofs, masonry and walls; roofing cement; refractory concrete; tap-hole clays; prefabricated roof elements; building materials for roofing; gutter systems; ridge and hip roof vents, fascia ventilation and soffit ventilation and ducts; covering elements for roof ridges, hips and valleys; non-metal ventilating ducts for roofs; vent pipes; roof windows; skylights; abutments; eaves chimneys; non-metallic roofs, with solar cells; non-metal fasteners and plates for roofing systems [building materials]; roof coverings, not of metal; flashing for roofing, non-metallic gutter systems and drains for roofs; covering elements for ridge, hip and valley; roof vents; roof exhaust vents; ridge, foundation, roof, undereave, fascia, and gable vents for heating, cooling and ventilation; insulated and non-insulated non-metal flexible ducts and non-metal duct components for air movement for heating, air conditioning systems, and venting applications; materials and accessories for creating roof gardens, namely, non-metallic drainage materials in the nature of drainage mats for drainage and non-metal roof coverings; non-metallic mineral granules for use in roofing shingles, roof coverings and membranes; bitumen for road construction; geotextiles for civil engineering, landscaping and roofing
Non-metallic building materials, in particular natural and artificial stones, wall building materials, bricks for building construction and civil and underground engineering, non-reinforced blocks and reinforced beams and building plates made of aerated concrete, concrete, lightweight concrete, foam concrete and calcareous sandstone; non-metallic building materials, namely building parts, in particular made of calcareous sandstone, bricks, brick plates, hollow blocks, roofing tiles, roofing felts or cardboard, hydraulic construction stones, paving stones, road construction materials, blast furnace slag chips, grit and sands, scoriae, bituminous road construction material, mineral raw materials, to produce building materials and for the erection of buildings, coarse limestone chips, limestone grit, limestone powder, burnt lime, coarse limestone, hydrated lime, natural stone gravel and grit, pebbles, pebble grits, pebble sands, cement, gypsum, sand, concrete, lightweight concrete, dry concrete; non-metallic building materials for plastering building surfaces, plaster, facing plaster, adhesive plaster, interior plaster, exterior plaster, reconstruction plaster, regular and thin plaster, said products basically on the basis of lime, cement, gypsum or with plastic additives; dry mortar, mortar, thin bed mortar, kicker course layer mortar, mortar to fix facing bricks, dry concrete, flow screed, non-metallic building parts for the erection of buildings, walls and roofs (non metallic); building parts made of concrete, calcareous sandstone or gypsum fiber boards; non-metallic sets of building parts for the erection of buildings, walls and roofs, non metallic parts for the erection of buildings, walls and roofs to be used in a system of building parts, namely lintels, u-shaped blocks, blocks to house straps for blinds, blocks to house sockets, calcareous sandstone plates, facing stones, building wood, bulk material for leveling floors made of aerated concrete, gypsum fiber boOards in particular for the completion of the interior; non-metallic building materials, namely ceiling elements, movable separating walls made of gypsum fiber boards, felt sheets and underfelts for building purposes; tiles (non metallic); reinforced concrete structure; non-metallic moveable units in the form of prefabricated garages, waiting boxes, chimneys and parts thereof (no of metal); ceiling elements, mobile partition walls (non metallic), in particular made of gypsum fiber boards; facade elements and coverings (non metallic), in particular made of plastics; non-metallic moveable houses; non-metallic building material for the erection of houses and ready built houses; with the exception of chemical additives for concrete and cement to be used for building purposes, elastic insulating materials and adhesives, sealing systems, further with the exception of fire proofing plates and reconstruction plates
Non-metallic rigid pipes for building; asphalt, pitch and bitumen; non-metallic transportable buildings, namely transportable greenhouses of non-metal; monuments, not of metal; staircases, not of metal; floorboards, not of metal; rubber tiles; plastic tiles; tar; pitch; non-metallic minerals for building or construction, namely, silver sand, gravel, granite building glass, namely insulation glass for building, insulatingglass for building, window glass for building, glass granules for road marking, safety glass, alabaster glass; aquaria (structures); bird baths, not of metal (structures); building timber, namely thin wood boards, timbers for pillars, wood veneers, sawn timber, wood boards, plywood; containers of stone, namely gas thermo tanks of masonry, elevated water tanks of masonry, containers of compressed gas of masonry, containers for liquid gas of masonry, oil storage tanks of masonry, transportable water tanks of masonry, transportable oil tanks of masonry, storage tanks of masonry; gravestones and tomb plaques (not of metal); cement; building stones, namely tombstones, artificial stones; non-metal materials for buildings or construction, namely framework, molding, flashing, wall linings, reinforcing materials, cardboards, building panels, porches, surfacings, trellises, staircases, door panels, joists, laths, manhole covers, gate, door frames, floors, drain pipes, branching pipes, water pipes, penstock pipes, sheet piles, foundry molds, window, window frames, partitions; tiles for buildings, not of metal, namely rubber tiles, vinyl tiles, glass tiles, concrete tiles, plastic tiles; asphalt and other building materials, not of metal, namely asphalt, mortar for building, asbestos mortar, asphalt felt for building; sleepers, namely railway sleepers of woodl traffic signals, not of metal, except light-emitting or mechanical; masts (poles), not of metal; artificial fish reefs, not of metal; paint spraying booths, not of metal; water outlet valves (not of metal or plastic) for water pipes; diving boards, not of metal; insect screens not of metal; sculptures of stone; sculptures of concrete or marble
Non-metallic minerals for building or construction; ceramic building materials, bricks and refractory products; linoleum building materials; plastic building materials; synthetic building materials; asphalt, and asphalt building or construction materials; rubber building or construction materials; plaster (for building purposes); lime building or construction materials; building or construction materials of plaster; prefabricated building kits (not of metal); cement and its products; building timber; building stone; building glass; joinery fittings (not of metal); boards and powder of inorganic fiber (not of asbestos); plaster boards; slag; tar and pitch, transportable greenhouses (not of metal) for household use; artificial fish reefs (not of metal); moulds for forming cement products (not of metal); paint spraying booths (not of metal); henhouses (not of metal); demarcating tapes; vegetation seed-carrier sheets for prevention of earth collapse or landslide; plastic security windows allowing communication; beacons (not of metal, non-luminous); road signs (not of metal, non-luminous, and not mechanical); liquid storage tanks of masonry (for industrial purposes); water tanks of masonry for industrial purposes; water tanks of masonry for household purposes; mooring bitts and bollards (not of metal); stone sculptures; concrete sculptures; marble sculptures; letter boxes of masonry; diving platforms (not of metal); gravestones and tomb plaques (not of metal); blinds of paper; man-made garden ponds (structures)
Non-metallic building materials, namely stones, floor slabs, wall slabs, roof slabs, wall panels, wall elements; construction materials, in particular autoclaved aerated concrete, limestone for use in the building industry; lime- and sandstones; artificial stones, in particular porous artificial stones; porous concrete; lightweight concrete; foamed concrete; concrete; hollow blocks; mortar; building material made of clay, in particular bricks and roofing tiles; natural stones; cement; lime; pebbles; gypsum; pipe tissue; pitch; asphalt; tar; roofing cardboard; felt sheets and underfelts for building purposes; wood and bricks for building purposes; tiles, namely ceramic tiles, non-metal roofing tiles; limestone grit, limestone sand, limestone chips and limestone powder as well as coarse limestone; burnt lime, lump lime, lime powder and hydrated lime; blast furnace slag chips, grit and sands, natural stone gravel and grit, hydraulic construction stones, pebbles, pebble grits, pebble sands, paving stones; products for plastering and insulating building surfaces, in particular facing plaster, adhesive plaster and interior plaster based on lime, cement or gypsum with or without plastic additives, dry mortar with or without plastic additives, dry mortar and dry concrete; bulk material for levelling floors, in particular of gas concrete; prefabricated movable houses and structural members, not of metal, both in particular of porous concrete, lightweight concrete and foamed concrete, lime- and sandstones as well as calcareous sandstone; prefabricated parts, not of metal, in particular prefabricated parts of concrete, namely plates for interior works; gypsum fiber boards for the completion of the interior, ceiling elements and movable separating walls not of metal, in particular of gypsum fiber boards, cladding panels and curtain walls of plastic; reinforced concrete solidium chimneys and parts thereof - not of metal; construction materials, in particular calcareous sandstone, sand-lime bricks, large sized building plates, in particular made of calcareous sandstone and/or autoclaved aerated concrete; prefabricated movable houses and structural members, not of metal, both in particular of calcareous sandstone; prefabricated parts, not of metal, in particular plates for interior works
Non-metallic building materials; hydraulic binding agents (non-metallic building materials); cements; lime; concretes; mortar; non-metallic rigid pipes for building; asphalt, pitch and bitumen; non-metallic buildings; non-metallic transportable buildings; non-metallic monuments; non-metallic advertisement columns; non-metallic floating docks for mooring boats; roofing slates; clay; non-metallic frameworks for building; non-metallic partitions; wooden fencing; reinforcing materials for building (non-metallic); works of art of stone, concrete or marble; tarred strips (construction); swimming pools (non-metallic structures); non-metallic shuttering for concrete; non-metallic concrete building elements; non-metallic beams; non-metallic paving stones and slabs; building timber; bricks; door and window frames (non-metallic); non-metallic door frames; non-metallic windows and doors; non-metallic door panels; caissons for construction work under water; non-metallic mouldings (for building purposes); non-metallic coverings (for building purposes); non-metallic doors; non-metallic windows; non-metallic plinths; non-metallic floor tiles; potters' clay; non-metallic water pipes; non-metallic ducts for ventilating and air-conditioning installations; marble; materials for making and coating roads; non-metallic chimneys; non-metallic roof coverings; non-metallic scaffolding; coatings (building materials); binding material for road repair; non-metallic staircases; insulating glass (for building purposes); building glass; non-metallic building panels; road coating materials
Non-metallic houses; non-metallic prefabricated houses; non-metallic private dwelling houses; non-metallic transportable houses; non-metallic modular shelters; non-metallic portable shelters; non-metallic shelters; shelters (building structures) of non-metallic materials; shelters made of prefabricated non-metallic insulated materials; housing being non-metallic portable buildings; housing being prefabricated portable non-metallic buildings; mobile homes (portable buildings) of non-metallic materials; modular portable building structures (non-metallic); modular portable building units of non-metallic materials for construction into relocatable buildings; non-metallic modular portable buildings; non-metallic portable building structures; non-metallic portable buildings; non-metallic portable constructions; non-metallic portable shelters; non-metallic portable structures; portable buildings made of non-metallic materials; portable outdoor security cabins made of non-metallic materials; housing being non-metallic portable buildings; housing being prefabricated portable non-metallic buildings; non-metallic buildings for housing portable toilets; non-metallic housing units; housing being prefabricated portable non-metallic buildings; modular prefabricated building units of non-metallic materials for the construction of buildings; modular structural units, not of metal, for the construction of prefabricated buildings; non-metallic modular units for constructing prefabricated buildings; non-metallic prefabricated building elements for on site assembly; non-metallic prefabricated building elements for sale in kit form; non-metallic prefabricated buildings; non-metallic prefabricated elements for building; non-metallic prefabricated extensions for buildings; non-metallic prefabricated houses; non-metallic prefabricated relocatable buildings; non-metallic prefabricated roof structures; non-metallic prefabricated roof units; non-metallic prefabricated wall structures; non-metallic prefabricated walling; prefabricated non-metallic building constructions; prefabricated non-metallic buildings; prefabricated non-metallic constructions; prefabricated relocatable buildings (non-metallic) constructed in modular units; shelters made of prefabricated non-metallic insulated materials; mobile (portable) sanitary installations contained within a non-metallic transportable building; mobile accommodation (non-metallic); mobile homes (portable buildings) of non-metallic materials; mobile partitions (non-metallic structures); non-metallic mobile constructions; prefabricated mobile greenhouses (non-metallic frame)