Insulating structures for protecting steelwork; Foam plastic for use in building; Foam plastic for use in construction; Foamed building materials; Materials made from foam for use in building; Materials made from foam for use in construction; Plates of foamed plastics for building purposes; Preformed building panels made of foamed plastics; Housing being prefabricated portable non-metallic buildings; Modular prefabricated building units of non-metallic materials for the construction of buildings; Modular structural units, not of metal, for the construction of prefabricated buildings; Non-metallic modular units for constructing prefabricated buildings; Non-metallic prefabricated building components; Non-metallic prefabricated building elements; Non-metallic prefabricated building elements for on site assembly; Non-metallic prefabricated buildings; Non-metallic prefabricated houses; Non-metallic prefabricated partition walls; Non-metallic prefabricated relocatable buildings; Non-metallic prefabricated wall structures; Prefabricated non-metallic buildings; Prefabricated non-metallic constructions; Non-metallic building materials having thermal insulation properties; Pre-formed insulation components (non-metallic building materials); Building panels, not of metal; Composite panels of non-metallic materials for use in building; Multilayer panels of plastic for use in building; Non-metallic building materials in the form of panels; Non-metallic building panels; Non-metallic ceiling panels; Non-metallic cladding panels; Non-metallic cladding panels for roofs; Non-metallic cladding panels for walls; Non-metallic dividing wall panels; Non-metallic flooring panels; Non-metallic interlocking panels for building; Non-metallic laminated building panels; Non-metallic laminated panels for walls; Non-metallic panelled ceilings; Non-metallic panels for building; Non-metallic panels for interior cladding on buildings; Non-metallic panels for outer cladding on buildings; Non-metallic panels for use in building; Non-metallic panels for use in construction; Non-metallic panels for walls; Non-metallic preformed building panels; Non-metallic roof panels; Non-metallic wall panels; Planar panels made of plastic; Plastic panels for use in building; Plastic panels for use in construction; Polymeric building panels; Polystyrene panels for use in building; Walling panels formed from non-metallic materials
Insect screens not of metal; Balustrades, not of metal; Barrier apparatus (non-metallic structures); Barrier poles (not of metal); Brackets, not of metal, for building; Cement base mixture for use in building; Drain traps (valves), not of metal or plastic; Drains (other than of metal); Facing elements made of wood based materials for ceilings; Facing elements made of wood based materials for floors; Floating floor boards; Flooring compounds of synthetic resins; Flooring made of cork; Flooring of plastic materials for building; Flooring of wood; Flooring screeds; Floors, not of metal; Gates, not of metal; Glass building bricks; Grout; Grouting materials; Grouting preparations; Gutter pipes, not of metal; Jointing tape for plasterboard; Mooring bollards, not of metal; Nail plates (non-metallic) for use in the construction of timber structures; Blocks made of non-metallic materials for building purposes; Non-metallic building materials in the form of planks; Non-metallic building materials made of vinyl plastics; Non-metallic cavity barriers; Non-metallic fencing; Non-metallic fencing materials; Non-metallic flooring; Non-metallic formwork; Non-metallic gutter connection pieces; Non-metallic sheeting for building; Non-metallic waterproofing membranes; Premixed concrete base; Rain gutters, not of metal; Rigid channels for drainage (non-metallic); Rigid channels for pipelines (non-metallic); Plastic pipes (rigid) for water; Rigid pipes (not of metal); Roof gutters, not of metal; Safety and caution cones (beacons not of metal, non-luminous); Safety signs (non-metallic, non-luminous, non-mechanical); Sealants (cementitious); Sealants in the nature of coatings (other than paints); Signs made of plastics (non-luminous and non-mechanical); Tiles of slate; Stands being non-metallic structures; Stone tiles; Tapes for marking-out roadways; Tapes for marking-out tracks; Tiles of ceramic; Floor tiles, not of metal; Tile floorings, not of metal; Tiles, not of metal; Timber (other than unsawn timber); Timber mouldings; Underlays for tiles; Vents, not of metal; Vinyl floor tiles (other than for covering existing floors); Vinyl siding; Wall tiles, not of metal; Wood sheeting