Halved timber; wood moldings; wood; wood, semi-worked; hobby wood; moldable wood; manufactured timber; moulded wood; preserved wood [anti-decay wood]; shaped timber; wood trim; timber mouldings; sawn timber; rough sawn timber; turnstiles, not of metal; non-metallic garage doors for domestic use; non-metallic shutter doors; glass bricks; clear glass for building purposes; shuttering made of wood; wooden door frames; roller blinds of wood for external use; non-metallic doors for use in garages; cat doors not of metal; dog doors not of metal; wooden doors; insulating doors of non-metallic materials; mirror doors; gates, not of metal; safety doors, not of metal; patio doors [non-metallic frame]; armored doors, not of metal; sliding doors, not of metal; glass doors; doors made of wood for buildings; doors made of plastic for buildings; door frames, not of metal; door panels, not of metal; flyscreens (non-metallic); aquaria [structures]; gazebo [non-metallic structures]; scaffolding of wood; platform staging for use with scaffolding; non-metallic platform steps for use with scaffolding; safety scaffolding, not of metal; working platforms [scaffolding], not of metal; working platforms [scaffold towers], not of metal; mobile aerial work platforms [scaffolding, not of metal]; movable non-metallic framed stage platform units; movable non-metallic framed studio platform units; non-metallic facing sheets of plywood; non-metallic cladding sheets; non-metallic beams for building purposes; glass elements for windows; glass elements for building panels; glazing elements made from glass; window facades (non-metallic); folding doors, not of metal; insulating glass [building]; japanese sliding screens of thin paper (shoji); non-metallic flaps to allow dogs access into buildings; coloured glass for windows; non-metallic window guards; laminated building glass incorporating a liquid crystal film; sheet glazing materials for use in building; modified sheet glass [for building]; non-metallic insect screens for windows; non-metallic insect screens for doors; insect screens, not of metal; revolving doors not of metal; non-metallic tiltable doors for buildings; fireproof doors, not of metal; non-metallic transparent doors for buildings; non-metallic roller doors having insulating properties; non-metallic security door frames for buildings; non-metallic trap doors; non-metallic skylights for buildings; non-metallic security gratings for the outside of buildings; non-metallic frames for glazed doors; windows, not of metal; non-metallic skylight frames for use in buildings; non-metallic thermal blinds [slatted outdoor]; non-metallic louvre window assemblies; window glass, except glass for vehicle windows; wooden shutters; shutters, not of metal; non-metallic shutters for windows; shutters made of non-metallic materials; plastic shutters; roof windows made of plastics; armoured windows having non-metallic frames; vinyl windows; stained-glass windows; glass for stained glass windows; skylights made from plastics materials for use in buildings; sun louvres of glass for buildings; non-metallic cladding for windows; glass panels; glass panels for doors; vertically raisable rolling doors [non-metallic]; tiles of glass; glass tiles [not for roofing]; glass slabs for use in building; non-metallic double glazing units; non-metallic double glazed hermetically sealed units; non-metallic double glazing panels; non-metallic double glazing panels incorporating insulating glass; horizontal venetian blinds [outdoor], not of metal or textile; non-metallic frames for skylights; plastic window frames; roller shades [outdoor] of plastic; roller blinds for external use [not of metal or textile]; non-metallic external shutters for windows; servery grilles, not of metal; non-metallic glazing bars; doors made of glass for buildings; transparent doors of glass for buildings; tinted glass for use in building; safety glass; security glass for use in building; building glass; laminated building glass incorporating fine electrical conductors; heat protective glass for building; decorative glass [for building]; tempered glass for use in building; heat reflecting glass for building; non-metallic dome shaped skylight windows; non-metal skylights; infrared reflective glass for use in building; window glass for building; plate glass [windows], for building; sheets of glass for building; fire retarding glass for use in construction; float glass for building; thermal insulating glass for use in building; glass in sheet form for use in doors; glass in sheet form for use in windows; layered glass; colored sheet glass [for building]; toughened glass for building; plastic security windows allowing communication; non-metallic framed glazing units; outdoor blinds, not of metal and not of textile; security shutters of non-metallic materials; jalousies, not of metal; horizontal slatted blinds [outdoor], not of metal or textile; structures and transportable buildings, not of metal; building and construction materials and elements, not of metal; timber building boards; building panels, not of metal; building boards of plastics materials; non-metallic profiles for building construction; wooden profiles; moldings, not of metal, for cornices; moldings, not of metal, for building; panel mouldings of non-metallic materials; deck profiles, not of metal