Duckboards, not of metal; floor boards (non-metallic -); blockboard; building panels, not of metal; blocks (non-metallic -) for use in flooring construction; athletic flooring, not of metal; synthetic flooring materials or wall-claddings; modular plastic decking to serve as a ground cover; modular building units (non-metallic -); non-metal decking; ceiling coffers of non-metallic materials; ceiling panels, not of metal; ceiling tiles (non-metallic -); platforms, prefabricated, not of metal; paving products (non-metallic -); paving slabs, not of metal; cladding panels (non-metallic -); manufactured building elements (non-metallic -); cladding sheets (non-metallic -); preformed building sections (non-metallic -); platforms of non-metallic materials; structures made of non-metallic materials; prefabricated building components (non-metallic -); floors, not of metal; slabs, not of metal, for building; modular units (non-metallic -) for constructing prefabricated buildings; skating rinks [structures, not of metal]; partitioning materials (non-metallic -); wall panelling made of non-metallic materials; building laths (non-metallic -); building sections (non-metallic -); flooring screeds; floor drains of non-metallic materials; building boards of plastics materials; plastic floorboards; plastic wallboards; translucent building panels made from plastics materials; soffit boards (plastic -); plastics sheets for roofing; corrugated sheets made of plastics materials [roofing material]; multilayer panels of plastic for use in building; crash barriers of plastic for roads; construction elements of plastic; building materials of plastics material; expanded plastics for use in construction; manhole covers, not of metal; plastic fences; fencing panels (non-metallic -); plastic posts; plastic tiles; tile floorings, not of metal; plastic conduits for drainage; plastic pipes for plumbing purposes; damp proof membranes of synthetic plastics materials; road humps (non-metallic -) [portable] for slowing traffic; road humps (non-metallic -) for slowing traffic; non-metal speed bumps; rainwater drainage apparatus of plastics materials; films of plastic for use in building; storage tanks [structures], not of metal; foundry molds [moulds], not of metal; rigid pipes, not of metal; buildings, transportable, not of metal; board material made of polyethylene used as a wood substitute; corrugated polypropylene sheets [roofing material]