Decorative ornamental plasterwork; garden ornaments being non-metallic building structures; garden ornaments of concrete; garden ornaments of marble; garden ornaments of stone; non-metallic reconstituted adorning ornamental casts; decorative building products manufactured from plaster; decorative building products manufactured from plastics; non-metallic building products; timber building products; non metallic partitions, (other than furniture) made from interlocking panels; non-metallic laminated doors other than for furniture; non-metallic partitioning, (other than furniture); non-metallic room dividers (other than furniture); non-metallic street furniture (structures); non-metallic wall partitions, other than furniture; concrete fences; fence panels of non-metallic materials; fences, not of metal; facade elements of non-metallic materials; building panels, not of metal; capping stones for wall panels; concrete building panels; concrete facing panels; concrete form panels; concrete panels; facing panels of non-metallic materials; fence panels of non-metallic materials; non-metallic cladding panels; non-metallic screens (partitions) for bathrooms; plant screens (trellis), not of metal; screens for use as screen walls (non-metallic structures); sun screens (outdoor), not of metal or textile; non-metallic modular screens; hardwood modular outdoor and indoor screens; non-metallic decorative modular screen panels; components of non-metallic materials for modular fencing; modular non-metallic structures; modular portable building structures (non-metallic); modular portable building units of non-metallic materials for construction into relocatable buildings; modular prefabricated building units of non-metallic materials for the construction of buildings; modular shelving (structures) of non-metallic materials; modular structural units, not of metal, for the construction of prefabricated buildings; modular wall panelling of non-metallic materials; non-metallic modular building units; non-metallic modular shelters; space frame modular units, not of metal; mouldings of non-metallic materials for panelling buildings; non-metallic decorative panelling; non-metallic exhibition panelling; non-metallic panelling for roof gardens; non-metallic panelling for roof plantations; panelling elements made of natural stones; panelling of non-metallic materials for use in construction; plywood panelling for use in building; sections of non-metallic panelling for interior conversion of dwelling houses; wall panelling made of wood; wood panelling
Deck profiles, not of metal; Non-metallic decking; Composite materials of plywood and fibreboard; Composite panels of non-metallic materials for use in building; Non-metallic composite boards; Non-metallic composite materials for use in building; Non-metallic composite materials for use in construction; Non-metallic composite sheets for building purposes; Floor boards of hardwood; Floor boards of non-metallic materials; Floor boards of particle board combined with a thermosetting laminate; Floor coverings of wood; Floor sections made of non-metallic materials; Flooring compounds of synthetic resins; Flooring made of wood; Flooring of plastic materials for building; Flooring of reinforced plastic materials for building; Floors, not of metal; Non-metallic building materials for flooring; Non-metallic building materials for floors; Non-metallic building materials for use in relation to floors; Non-metallic floor boards; Non-metallic flooring; Non-metallic flooring boards; Non-metallic flooring components; Non-metallic flooring materials; Non-metallic flooring panels; Non-metallic flooring tiles; Non-metallic floors; Non-metallic floors for building; Non-metallic jointless flooring materials; Non-metallic materials for use in making floors; Non-metallic surfacing for floors; Plastic flooring materials; Wooden floor boards; Flooring (Parquet); Cladding sheets being finished articles of wood; Cladding sheets of wood; Cladding, not of metal, for building; Interior wall cladding of non-metallic materials; Internal wall cladding of non-metallic materials; Mouldings of non-metallic materials for cladding buildings; Non-metallic building materials for use in cladding; Non-metallic cladding board; Non-metallic cladding for buildings; Non-metallic cladding for ceilings; Non-metallic cladding for facades; Non-metallic cladding for walls; Non-metallic cladding for windows; Non-metallic cladding materials; Non-metallic cladding panels; Non-metallic cladding panels for walls; Non-metallic cladding sheets; Non-metallic decorative claddings; Non-metallic internal wall cladding; Non-metallic panels for interior cladding on buildings; Non-metallic panels for outer cladding on buildings; Non-metallic wall claddings; Wall claddings, not of metal, for building