Damp proof membranes of synthetic plastics materials; windows and window coverings, not of metal; coverings, not of metal, for building; asphalt patching compound; exhibition panelling (non-metallic -); tar-based sealants for asphalt; building materials consisting of glass; roofing membranes; roofing shingles; roofing cement; cement mortar roofing tiles; roofing slates; cementitious waterproofing coatings; waterproofed paper for use in building; wall panelling made of non-metallic materials; non-metallic membranes for soil stabilisation; non-metallic membranes for soil protection; cladding materials (non-metallic -); non-metal cladding for construction and building; cladding sheets (non-metallic -); linings, not of metal, for building; pvc roofing membrane; particle board for use in construction; earthenware tiles; slabs, not of metal, for building; mosaic tiles; non-metal floor panels; non-metallic membranes or fibres for use in roofing; minerals for use in construction; timber laminates; films of plastic for use in building; insulating glass [building]; insulating glass [building]; wood rafters; timber boarding; building glass; building bricks (glass -); tiles of glass; woven fabrics (non-metallic -) for concrete; woven textiles (non-metallic -) for protecting soft subsoils; woven mats (non-metallic -) for the protection of banks against erosion; woven covers (non-metallic -) for use as geotextile materials for building; geotextiles; veneer wood; cladding (non-metallic -) for facades; transparent plastics for use in building; transparent plastic roof tiles; fabrics for use in civil engineering (geotextiles); stabilisation fabrics (non-metallic -) for use in construction; woven fabrics (non-metallic -) for use as geotextile materials; non-metallic membranes for use in buildings