Crude stones, such as gypsum and anhydrite, also in purified and granular form; special plaster for building purposes, such as waterproof plaster; coatings, mortar and ready-mixed dry mortar, including plaster finish, bonding plaster, structural plaster, insulating plaster, scraped plaster, plaster for machine projection and masonry mortar; cement for building purposes; quick-setting cement; products for forming the base layer in construction (except paints); non-metal reinforcing elements for building purposes, including angle irons, joint plates, mesh surface reinforcements, coating substrates; shaped sections and brackets of wood and plastics for building purposes, building elements for walls and partitions, including plasterboards, staff boards, mineral fiber boards and composite boards, firestop plates and radiation protection plates, tiles for adjoining partitions; sound-insulating and ornamental tiles and materials, lining materials, panelling units, wooden units; building materials for floor, wall and ceiling heating; prefabricated building components of wood and/or plastics, essentially comprising brackets; cross pieces, pipes and receptacles for sanitary installations; doors, door frames and door panels; windows and window frames of wood and/or plastics; building materials for floors, including dry floor elements, dry composite subfloor elements and dry rest areas; window glass; spatula-applied products (fillers) with optional filler materials or reinforcing fibers