Civil and environmental engineering products incorporating geosynthetic and gabion systems; erosion control geotextiles fabric, matts and sheeting (non -metallic); geotextile fabrics for use in civil engineering; products for the stabilisation, reinforcement or retaining of soils incorporating geosynthetic and gabion systems; non-metallic geotextile stabilisation fabrics for use in construction; non-metallic woven and non -woven geotextile materials covers; non-metallic woven fabrics for use as geotextile materials for building purposes; non-metallic woven mats for use as geotextile materials; geotextile materials for use in civil engineering; woven polyester geotextiles manufactured from high tensile strength polyethylene terephthalate (PET) yarns for use in building and constructions; hi vis geotextiles; prefabricated plastics drains; woven and non -woven geotextiles, including polyester textiles for use in constructions; root guard fabrics, geocomposites; plastics drainage grates, bi axial strand flood mitigation cells manufactured from polyester; geo cells for stabilising earth; knitted and polymeric coated polyester geogrid strips, including such geogrids manufactured from select grades of high tensile polyester yarns; geotextile manufactured from polypropylene/polyethylene fibres, which provides a water permeable resistance to root development due to the high tensile strength and high puncture resistance; geotextiles for construction of a stable granular layer over soft foundation soils and preventing the ingress of fines into drainage media by providing filtration and separation; vertical drains manufactured from polyester and plastics for stabilising clay deposits; wick drains comprising composite construction with an inner core of polypropylene or polyester and wrapped in a non-woven geotextile fabric; geosynthetic fabrics for inhibiting the growth of roots and weeds; drainage cells for sub-soil drainage application including such cells made from recycled polypropylene; geo grids for reinforcement of unbound aggregate base and sub base courses of pavements; geo composites including geosynthetic and non-synthetic geo composites manufactured by bonding together textiles and drainage nets to provides a filter function