Athletic flooring, not of metal; bathroom tiles (non-metallic -); bamboo flooring; boards made of wood particles; board material made of polyethylene used as a wood substitute; ceiling tiles (non-metallic -); ceiling boards of wood; fibreboard for building; fibre boards of wood fibre bonded with resin and particle boards; floors, not of metal; floor tiles, not of metal; floor tiles of wood; floor boards (non-metallic -); interlocking panels (non-metallic -) for building; hardwood flooring; laminates of non-metallic materials for use in building; laminates (non-metallic -); laminated fibreboard; laminated boards (non-metallic -) for walls; laminate flooring, not of metal; non-metal floor panels; non-metal coverings for ceilings; multilayer panels of plastic for use in building; multi-layered wood; parquet wood flooring; parquet flooring made of cork; parquet flooring and parquet slabs; parquet flooring; parquet floor boards; plastic wallboards; plastic tiles; plastic floorboards; rubber tiles; rubber flooring; rubber floor tiles; skirting boards (non-metallic -); synthetic flooring materials or wall-claddings; textured wall surfacings (non-metallic -); textured surfaces for walls; textured surfaces for ceilings; vinyl floor coverings for forming a floor; timber laminates; timber laminated particle boards; timber panels; wall tiles, not of metal; wall panelling made of non-metallic materials; wall boards, not of metal; vinyl siding; wafer board (non-metallic -); wooden flooring; wooden floor boards; wood sports floors