Sports backpacks; school backpacks; rucksacks; backpacks; small backpacks; frames, as accessories for handbags; clutches (handbags); small bags; shopping bag handles; straps for handbags; handbags for ladies; handbags, not of precious metal; leather travel bags; evening bags (handbags); evening bags; handbags for ladies; handbags; handbags, not of precious metal (handbags); all purpose handbags; all-purpose handbags; leather purses (handbags); leather handbags; purses (handbags); snap hooks (handbags); carabiner purses; handbags; felt bags; bags for men; drawstring bags; gentlemen's handbags; empty leather bags for storing flat irons; cosmetic bags (empty); multi-purpose sports bags; knitted bags, not of precious metal; knitted bags; leather travel bags; souvenir bags; book bags; cloth bags of wood; textile shopping bags; leather shopping bags; shopping bags with wheels attached; bags for carrying animals; baby-changing bags; jewelry bags of textile material (empty); jewelery bags of textile; key bags; tool bags (empty); bags for sports clothing; bags and holdalls for sports clothing; knitted bags; leather bags for merchandise packaging (envelopes, cases); leather bags for merchandise packaging; leather bags; flexible bags for garments; bags of precious metal (handbags); bags of precious metal; wheeled shopping bags; shopping bags; sports bags; beach bags; saddle bags; hiking bags; fishing bags for athletes; cylinder bags; bags (pouches, bags) of leather for packaging; Boston bags; shoulder bags; bags; traveling bags and trunks; handbags in the form of wallets; conference wallets; leather wallets; wallets of precious metals; leather credit card wallets; wallets with card slots (leather goods); wallets; card cases (wallets); credit card cases (wallets); leather bags, suitcases and wallets; handbags and wallets of leather; Leather and imitations thereof; animal skins; luggage and transport bags; umbrellas and parasols; walking sticks; whips, harness and saddlery; collars, leashes and clothing for animals.