Sausage skins and imitations thereof; umbrellas and parasols; walking sticks; luggage, bags, wallets and other carriers; leather and imitation leather, pelts and hides, and goods made of these materials and not included in other classes; saddlery, whips and animal apparel; animal skins; trunks and travelling bags; harness and saddler; bags; handbags; travel cases; luggage; trunks and travelling bags; holdalls; backpacks; school bags; beach bags; suitcases; haversacks; bags for campers; fur; fur-skins; collars for animals; covers for animals; boxes of leather or leather board; attache cases; wallets; school satchels and briefcases; key cases; briefcases; canes; card cases; leather shoulder bags; purses; pouches; rucksacks; sling bags; shopping bags; tote bags; travelling trunks; valises; vanity cases; umbrella covers; parasols; walking stick handles; walking stick seats; toilet bags; backpacks; bum-bags; sports bags; casual bags; music cases; satchels; beauty cases; carriers for suits, for shirts and for dresses; tie cases; credit card cases and holders; leather belts; leather carrying cases, sleeves, containers and protective coverings for hand held electronic devices, personal digital assistants, mobile telephones, MP3 players, and laptops; leather neck straps (unfitted) for mobile telephones and MP3 players; envelopes of leather; bands of leather; clothing for pets; leather leads; leather leashes; furniture coverings of leather; hat boxes of leather; document cases; document wallets; business card cases; and parts and fittings of all the aforesaid goods, included in the class
saddle pads; riding saddles; saddle cloths; pads for horse saddles; saddle cloths for horses; bridles (harness); stirrup leathers; stirrups; saddle bags for horse riding; covers for horse-saddles; girths of leather; girths; horse cloths; boots (hoof coverings) for horses; horse blankets; articles of clothing for animals; articles of clothing for horses; articles of clothing for ponies; articles of luggage; articles of luggage being bags; baggage tags; bag covers; bags for sports; bags made of imitation leather; bags made of leather; bandages for binding the legs of animals (other than for veterinary purposes); bags for transport of clothes; cases for sporting articles (not fitted or shaped); casual bags; chin straps, of leather; clothes for animals; clothing for canine animals; clothing for pets; cloths for saddles; coats for animals; coats for dogs; collars for animals; collars for dogs; common metal fasteners for saddles; covers (not shaped) for sporting articles; cribbing straps for horses; dog coats; dog collars; duffel bags; elasticised side reins; fillings (headstalls incorporating reins); halters; harness; harness fittings; harness made from leather; harness for animals; horse collars; horse covers; horse protectors (strapping or bandaging); horse riding apparatus; horse sheets; horseshoes; knee-pads for horses; lashes (whips); lead reins; leads for animals; leads made of leather; leather belts (shoulder); leather; leg pads being protective clothing for animals; leather straps; luggage bags; luggage identity tags; luggage labels (tags) of leather or imitation leather; martingales; medical bags for apparatus and instruments (not adapted or fitted); muzzles; nose bags (feed bags); nose bands; numnahs; parts of rubber for stirrups; protective equipment for horses, not for veterinary use, including boots, splints, strapping and guards; protective overboots for animals; reins; reins for guiding children; riding crops; riding whips; rugs for animals; saddlery; shopping bags; straps of leather (saddlery); stud buttons (fasteners) for saddles; surcingles; synthetic leather; tool bags (empty); tool bags of leather (empty); tote bags; traces (harness); travel bags; waist pouches; webbed belts (harnesses); webbing straps (harnesses); whips; work bags