Luggage, bags, wallets and other carriers, attache cases, bags for sports*, bags for climbers, bags for campers, bags of leather, for packaging/envelopes, of leather, for packaging/pouches, of leather, for packaging, bags*, beach bags, boxes of vulcanised fibre, briefcases, card cases , chain mesh purses, game bags, garment bags for travel, handbag frames, handbags, hat boxes of leather, haversacks, key cases, music cases, net bags for shopping, pocket wallets, pouch baby carriers, purses, rucksacks/backpacks, school bags/school satchels, shopping bags, sling bags for carrying infants, slings for carrying infants, suitcase handles, suitcases, tool bags of leather, empty, travelling bags, travelling trunks, travelling sets , trunks , valises, vanity cases, not fitted, wheeled shopping bags; Umbrellas and parasols, frames for umbrellas or parasols, parasols, umbrella rings, umbrella or parasol ribs, umbrella sticks, umbrella covers, umbrella handles, umbrellas; Leather and imitation leather, pelts and hides, and goods made thereof, animal skins/pelts, boxes of leather or leather board, butts , cases, of leather or leatherboard, casings, of leather, for springs/casings, of leather, for plate springs, cattle skins, chamois leather, other than for cleaning purposes/skins of chamois, other than for cleaning purposes, chin straps, of leather, coverings of skins , curried skins, fur/fur-skins, furniture coverings of leather, girths of leather, goldbeaters' skin, imitation leather, kid, leather laces, leather straps/leather thongs, leather twist/leather thread, leather, unworked or semi-worked, leatherboard, moleskin, shoulder belts of leather/bandoliers/leather shoulder belts/leather shoulder straps, straps for soldiers' equipment, straps for skates, trimmings of leather for furniture/leather trimmings for furniture, valves of leather
Luggage, bags wallets and other carriers; airline travel bags; all-purpose carrying bags; all-purpose sports bags; articles of luggage being bags; attache cases; bags; bags and holdalls for sports clothing; bags for campers; bags for climbers; bags for sports; bags for sports clothing; banknote holders [leatherware]; beach bags; book bags; briefcases; business card cases; canvas shopping bags; card cases [notecases]; card holders [wallets]; card wallets; carrying cases; carrying cases for documents; carry-on bags; clutch bags; coin holders in the nature of wallets; credit card cases [wallets]; credit card wallets; daypacks; drawstring pouches; duffle bags; duffle bags for travel; evening purses [handbags]; fashion handbags; flexible bags for garments; flight bags; felt pouches; folding briefcases; frames for coin purses; garment bags for travel; handbags; haversacks; hiking bags; hiking rucksacks; hip bags; hipsacks; holdalls for sports clothing; key cases; leather bags; leather bags and wallets; leather bags, suitcases and wallets; leather briefcases; leather cases; luggage; luggage label holders; make-up bags; music bags; multi-purpose purses [handbags]; overnight bags; overnight suitcases; protective suit carriers; rucksacks; school backpacks; school bags; school book bags; shopping bags; suitcases; textile shopping bags; travelling bags; trunks [luggage]; weekend bags; wheeled bags; wheeled shopping bags; wheeled suitcases; saddlery, whips and animal apparel; umbrellas and parasols; umbrellas; parasols; beach umbrellas; beach parasols; golf umbrellas; sun umbrellas; patio umbrellas; rainproof parasols; umbrellas for children; sunshade parasols; parasols covers; umbrella covers; parasol bags; umbrella bags; frames for umbrellas; frames for parasols; metal parts of umbrellas; metal parts of parasols; umbrella ribs; parasol ribs; umbrella handles; parasol handles; umbrella rings; parasol rings; umbrella sticks; parasol sticks; combination walking sticks and umbrellas; walking sticks
Luggage; bags; articles of luggage being bags; rucksacks; travelling bags; holdalls; hip bags; satchels; beach bags; draw bags; duffle bags; bucket bags; barrel bags; leather and imitations of leather, and goods made of leather and imitations of leather, namely, straps, laces, cords, pouches, cloth, leads, leashes, thread, wallets, bags, purses, boxes, handbags, thongs, cases, briefcases, stirrups, pouches, shoulder straps, studs, girths, valves, saddlery, bands, leather for shoes, shoulder belts, shopping bags, key cases, leather for furniture, luggage tags, travelling bags, credit card holders, credit card wallets, furniture coverings, chin straps, furniture trimmings, hat boxes, packaging envelopes, attache cases, and tool bags; animal skins, hides; trunks and travelling bags; umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks; whips, harness and saddlery; backpacks; hull bags; wheeled luggage; wheeled bags; wash bags for carrying toiletries; cylinder bags; bags with separate compartments for wet and dry items; shopping bags; sling bags; school bags; satchels; briefcases; document bags; handbags; haversacks; imitation leather; kit bags; gym bags; sports bags; wallets; water proof bags; water proof luggage; purses; rucksacks; school bags; school satchels; shopping bags; sling bags for carrying infants; boot bags, credit card holders; holdalls; travelling bags; luggage made from sail cloth; backpacks and hull bags made from sail cloth; wheeled luggage made from sail cloth; wheeled bags made from sail cloth; wash bags made from sail cloth for carrying toiletries; duffel bag made from sail cloth; cylinder bags made from sail cloth; bags with separate compartments for wet and dry items made from sail cloth; shopping bags made from sail cloth; sling bags made from sail cloth; school bags made from sail cloth; beach bags made from sail cloth; satchels and briefcases made from sail cloth; bags made from sail cloth; document bags made from sail cloth; handbags made from sail cloth; haversacks made from sail cloth; imitation leather made from sail cloth; keycases being leatherware made from sail cloth; parasols made from sail cloth; kit bags made from sail cloth; gym bags made from sail cloth; sports bags made from sail cloth; duffle bags made from sail cloth; wallets made from sail cloth; water proof bags made from sail cloth; water proof luggage made from sail cloth; purses made from sail cloth; rucksacks made from sail cloth; school bags made from sail cloth; school satchels made from sail cloth; shopping bags made from sail cloth; sling bags for carrying infants made from sail cloth; boot bags, and credit card holders made from sail cloth; keycases made from sail cloth; holdalls made from sail cloth; travelling bags made from sail cloth; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods
Luggage, bags, wallets; walking sticks; umbrellas and parasols; saddlery, whips and horse equipment; shoulder belts [straps] of leather; shoulder belts [straps for shoulders]; harnesses; gold beaters' skin; boxes of leather; straps for soldiers' equipment; cases of leather or leatherboard; leatherboard; kid; attaché cases of imitation of leather; luggage; travel luggage; hand luggage; handbag straps; chain mesh purses; wrist purses; boxes of vulcanized fiber; hat boxes of leather; alpenstocks; mountaineering sticks; rattan sticks; walking-stick seats; walking-stick handles; luggage, bags, wallets; walking sticks; trimmings of leather for furniture; casings, of leather, for springs; leather thread; sheets of imitation leather for use in manufacture; sheets of leather for use in manufacture; animal hides; leather for footwear; leather for furniture; butts [parts of hides]; unworked or semi-worked leather; polyurethane leather; leather and imitations of leather; leather studs; coverings of skins [furs]; imitation leather belts; leather laces; kid; leatherboard; cases of leather or leatherboard; straps for soldiers' equipment; gold beaters' skin; shoulder belts [straps] of leather; straps for roller skates; chin straps, of leather; moleskin [imitation leather]; curried skins; cattle skins; skins of chamois, other than for cleaning; skins and other worked or semi-worked leather; furniture coverings of leather; girths of leather; imitation leather; leather cloth; valves of leather; umbrella rings; frames of umbrellas or parasols; umbrella or parasol ribs; umbrella sticks; umbrella covers; covers for parasols; beach umbrellas; umbrellas; golf umbrellas; Japanese paper umbrellas [karakasa]; Japanese oiled-paper umbrellas [janome-gasa]; umbrellas for children; telescopic umbrellas; walking-stick umbrellas; parasols [beach parasols]; rainproof parasols; umbrella handles; metal parts of umbrellas; saddlery; saddlery articles of leather; saddle trees; fastenings for saddles; headbands for horses; bridles [harness]; bridoons; hoods for equines; dog shoes; anti-pricking collars for horses; horse collars; collars for animals; collars for pets containing medical information; collars for pets; cat collars; electronic collars for pets; harness straps; spur belts; straps of leather [saddlery]; horse blankets; body warmers and blankets for animals; blankets for animals; jockey sticks; jockey whips; leather for harnesses; leashes; leashes for animals; leashes for dogs; lanyards; training leads for horses; cat coats; coats for dogs; cat o' nine tails; martingales; stirrups; bits for animals [harness]; stirrup leathers; muzzles; nose bags; dog parkas; parts of rubber for stirrups; riding saddles; covers for horse saddles; mats for animals; headrests; clothing for horses; clothing for dogs; blinders [harness]; two-wheeled carrier bags; wheeled bags; handbag frames; hunting bags; school satchels; old school bags; vanity cases; luggage tags [leather goods]; credit card cases of leather; credit card cases; credit card cases of imitation leather; business card cases; key cases; key cases of leather; tie cases; document cases; net bags for shopping; haversacks; covers for footwear; garment bags for suits, shirts and dresses; garment bags for travel; garment bags for travel made of leather; trunks [luggage]; wicker trunks [kori]; foldable suitcases; small clutch handbags; small purses; small bags; small travel bags; small bags for amulets [omamori-ire]; small bags for men; small backpacks; clutch bags; clutch bags [evening handbags]; Japanese multi-use pouches [shingen-bukuro]; pouches for holding make-up, keys and other personal items; pouches for driving licenses; suitcase handles; banknote holders; baby carriers; back pouches for carrying babies; card holders; card cases [wallets]; credit card cases [wallets]; key rings in the form of cases; drawing holder [folders]; briefcases; briefcases [leather goods]; briefcases [wallets]; briefcases and attaché cases; purses (coin purses); purses of leather; coin purses of precious metal; all-purpose purses; coin purses not of precious metal; music cases; luggage label holders; wallets; wallets with card compartments; leather credit card wallets; wallets of precious metals; wallets with card cases; wallets worn on belts; portfolios; travel rolls for jewelry [sleeves]; envelopes, of leather, for packaging; satchels; horse saddle bags; tool bags [empty] for motorcycles; empty tool bags; belt bags; shoulder bags; bags for climbers; all-purpose sports bags; bags for campers; changing bags; textile shopping bags; carry-all bags; beach bags; shoulder bags; courier bags; backpacks; rucksacks on casters; baby-changing bags; handbags; Boston bags; handbags for travel; leather handbags; handbags of imitation leather; handbags, coin purses and wallets; belt bags and waist bags; Gladstone bags; souvenir bags; sports bags; everyday bags; work bags; flight bags; travel bags of imitation leather; bags of skin for shopping; bags of imitation leather; bags made of terry cloth; cloth bags; bags and pocket wallets of leather; holdalls; holdalls [tote bags]; duffle bags; shopping bags; overnight bags for the weekend; bags for carrying clothing; flexible bags for garments; knitted bags other than of precious metals; garment bags for travel; straps for luggage; travel sets; sporrans [leather purses worn with the kilt]; travel sets [leather goods]; toiletry bags; cosmetic sets; make-up bags sold empty; diplomatic cases; wheeled suitcases; horseshoes; whips; hunting whips; harness fittings; harness fittings of iron; knee-pads for horses; spats and knee bandages for horses; boots for horses; clothing for animals; harnesses for animals; harnesses for horses; horse-boots; leggings for animals; leather straps.
Luggage, bags, wallets and other carriers; umbrellas and parasols; umbrellas; umbrellas for children; beach umbrellas [beach parasols]; bags for umbrellas; umbrella handles; patio umbrellas; book bags; school bags; rucksacks; hiking rucksacks; backpacks [rucksacks]; rucksacks on castors; bags for campers; small rucksacks; shoulder bags; courier bags; bags; travel cases; travelling sets; travelling bags; flight bags; travel bags made of plastic materials; travel garment covers; travel luggage; ladies' handbags; clutch bags; clutches [purses]; purses; purses, not of precious metal; grips for holding shopping bags; rubber luggage tags; handbags; handbags, purses and wallets; key cases; holders in the nature of cases for keys; slings for carrying infants; small suitcases; suitcases; luggage; trunks and suitcases; travel baggage; suitcases with wheels; duffel bags; bumbags; hipsacks; valises; overnight cases; overnight bags; minaudieres; daypacks; small clutch purses; small bags for men; small purses; slouch handbags; fashion handbags; net bags for shopping; grocery tote bags; wheeled shopping bags; two-wheeled shopping bags; shopping bags with wheels attached; wallets including card holders; waterproof bags; sling bags for carrying infants; baby carriers worn on the body; baby backpacks; gentlemen's handbags; wallets for attachment to belts; canvas shopping bags; plastic luggage tags; canvas bags; beach bags; straps for luggage; pouch baby carriers; work bags; nappy bags; pouches; hiking bags; school book bags; school knapsacks; gym bags; sports packs; boston bags; bucket bags; drawstring bags; souvenir bags; shoe bags; shoe bags for travel; roller bags; cross-body bags; nappy wallets; textile shopping bags; haversacks; grips [bags]; art portfolios [cases]; multi-purpose purses; all-purpose carrying bags; general purpose sport trolley bags; all-purpose athletic bags; drawstring pouches; evening handbags; trunks [luggage]; wrist mounted carryall bags; weekend bags; luggage tags; lockable luggage straps; wheeled luggage; reusable shopping bags; dog clothing; clothing for pets; collars for pets; collars for animals; dog leashes; pet leads; leads for animals.