Jewellery bags (empty); Jewellery rolls; Airline travel bags; Articles of luggage being bags; Athletics bags; Bags (envelopes, pouches) of leather, for packaging; Bags for campers; Bags for climbers; Bags for shaving kits; Bags for sports; Bags for toiletry kits; Bags for transport of clothes; Bags for use in sports for carrying sports clothing; Bags made of imitation leather; Bags made of leather; Beach bags; Belt bags; Book bags; Boston bags; Camera bags (other than adapted or shaped to contain a camera); Camping bags; Carrying bags (other than disposable carrier bags); Casual bags; Changing bags; Clutch bags; Cosmetic bags (not fitted); Cosmetics bags (not fitted); Courier bags; Cricket bags (other than adapted); Diplomatic bags; Duffel bags; Duffle bags; Evening bags; Flight bags; Game bags (hunting accessory); Garment bags for travel; Gym bags; Hat bags; Knitting bags; Leaflet bags for use by the person delivering; Leather bags; Luggage bags; Make-up bags; Medical bags for apparatus and instruments (not adapted or fitted); Messenger bags; Money bags; Net bags for shopping; Nurses bags; Overnight bags; Peg bags; Pilots' bags; Portable bags (luggage); Pouches (bags); Saddle bags (not shaped or fitted) (for cycles); Saddle bags for horse riding; School bags; Shaver bags (not shaped); Shoe bags; Shopping bags; Shopping carts (wheeled shopping bags); Shoulder bags; Shoulder bags for use by children; Ski boot bags (not fitted or shaped); Sling bags; Sling bags for carrying animals; Sling bags for carrying children; Sling bags for carrying infants; Sponge bags (empty); Sport bags, other than adapted (shaped) to contain specific sports apparatus; Suit carriers being travelling bags; Tennis bags, other than adapted (shaped) to contain a racket; Tennis racket bags (other than adapted or shaped to contain a racket); Toilet bags; Toiletry bags; Tool bags (empty); Tool bags of leather (empty); Tool carriers (bags, empty); Tote bags; Towelling bags; Travel bags; Travel bags made of plastic materials; Travelling bags; Two-wheeled shopping bags; Umbrella bags; Waist bags; Weekend bags; Wheeled shopping bags; Work bags; Wristlets (bags); Leather wallets; Pocket wallets; Wallet holders incorporating shoulder straps; Wallets for attachment to belts; Change purses; Clutch purses; Coin purses; Cosmetic purses (not fitted); Evening purses; Leather purses; Purses