Hides; leather and imitations of leather; leather and animal skins, hides; leather for shoes; leather suitcases; trunks; attache cases; gladstone bags; trunks for personal items; traveling trunks; trunks and travel bags; haversacks; haversacks; travelling bags; leather bags, suitcases and wallets; leather bags, suitcases and wallets; casual bags; bags of leather eco-leather, imitation leather, plastic or textile, including handbags, walking bags, shoulder bags, overnight bags, key cases, tote bags, gentlemen's handbags, make-up bags, sold empty, travel bags, shopping bags, wheeled shopping bags, garment bags of leather for travel; knitted bags not of precious metals; chain mesh purses of precious metal; bullion bags; handbags not of precious metal; bags with wheels; leather bags and wallets; ladies' handbags; handbags; women's handbags; evening handbags; travelling sets (leatherware); garment bags of leather for travel; bags for jewellery of textile materials (empty); bags for jewellery of textile materials; sport bags for sports clothing; sport bags; bags and holdalls for sports clothing; beach bags; cylinder bags; bags of leather for packaging of goods (pouches, cases); purses; purses (handbags); purses, not of precious metal (handbags); clutch purses; felt bags; men's bags with drawstrings; small bags for men; gentlemen's handbags; make-up bags, not fitted; clutch bags (hand bags); small bags; shopping bags made of skin; multi-purpose purses (handbags); multi-purpose purses; leather purses; multi-purpose Japanese handbags; flexible bags for garments; footwear bags and all-purpose athletic bags; bumbags; pouch baby carriers; backpacks; sports backpacks; hiking rucksacks; small rucksacks; bags for climbers; empty beauty cases, all of the aforesaid of leather, imitation leather and/or textile; garment bags for suits for men, shirts and dresses; tie cases for travel; leather credit card cases; key cases of leather or moleskin (imitation of leather); credit card cases and holders; vanity cases, not fitted; cases made of leather; key cases made of leather; purses made of precious metal; purses in the form of wallets; wrist mounted purses; coin purses, not of precious metal; wallets; wallets of precious metal; pocket wallets of leather for credit cards; credit card cases (wallets); card wallets (leatherware); briefcases (leather goods); folding briefcases; business card cases; business cards cases; hat boxes of leather; hat boxes for travel; carrying cases for documents; pouches for make-up, keys and other personal items; travel bags for footwear