Excluding goods made from furs, animal skins, hides, leather or imitation of these material - Cloths for saddles, Horse cloths, Saddle cloths, Saddle cloths for horses, Airline travel bags, Articles of luggage being bags, Athletics bags, Bag covers, Bags for campers, Bags for climbers, Bags for shaving kits, Bags for sports, Bags for toiletry kits, Bags for transport of clothes, Bags for use in sports for carrying sports clothing, Beach bags, Belt bags, Book bags, Boston bags, Camera bags (other than adapted or shaped to contain a camera), Camping bags, Carrying bags (other than disposable carrier bags), Casual bags, Changing bags, Clutch bags, Cosmetic bags (not fitted), Cosmetics bags (not fitted), Courier bags, Cricket bags (other than adapted), Diaper bags, Diplomatic bags, Duffel bags, Duffle bags, Evening bags, Faeces collection bags for dogs and horses (animal clothing), Flight bags, Game bags (hunting accessory), Garment bags for travel, Gym bags, Hat bags, Jewellery bags (empty), Knitting bags, Leaflet bags for use by the person delivering, Luggage bags, Make-up bags, Medical bags for apparatus and instruments (not adapted or fitted), Messenger bags, Money bags, Nappy bags (other than bags for the disposal of nappies), Net bags for shopping, Nose bags (feed bags), Nurses bags, Overnight bags, Peg bags, Pilots' bags, Portable bags (luggage), Pouches (bags), Saddle bags (not shaped or fitted) (for cycles), Saddle bags for horse riding, School bags, Shaver bags (not shaped), Shoe bags, Shopping bag handles, Shopping bags, Shopping carts (wheeled shopping bags), Shoulder bags, Shoulder bags for use by children, Ski boot bags (not fitted or shaped), Sling bags, Sling bags for carrying animals, Sling bags for carrying children, Sling bags for carrying infants, Sponge bags (empty), Sport bags, other than adapted (shaped) to contain specific sports apparatus, Suit carriers being travelling bags, Tennis bags, other than adapted (shaped) to contain a racket, Tennis r; acket bags (other than adapted or shaped to contain a racket), Toilet bags, Toiletry bags, Tool bags (empty), Tool carriers (bags, empty), Tote bags, Towelling bags, Travel bags, Travel bags made of plastic materials, Travelling bags, Two-wheeled shopping bags, Umbrella bags, Waist bags, Weekend bags, Wheeled shopping bags, Work bags, Wristlets (bags)