Credit card cases (wallets); Leather wallets; Pocket wallets; Wallet holders incorporating shoulder straps; Wallets for attachment to belts; Articles made from imitation leather; Articles made from leather; Bags made of imitation leather; Bags made of leather; Boxes made of leather; Briefcases made of leather; Cases, of leather or leatherboard; Handbags made of imitation leather; Handbags made of leather; Imitation leather; Leather; Leather bags; Leather belts (shoulder); Leather bound covers for albums; Leather briefcases; Leather cases; Leather fibre material; Leather fittings for furniture; Leather key chains (chain only); Leather laces; Leather notecases (covers); Leather portfolios (covers); Leather purses; Leather shoulder belts; Leather straps; Leather thongs; Leather travelling suitcases; Leather, unworked or semi-worked; Luggage labels (tags) of leather or imitation leather; Moleskin (imitation of leather); Plaited leather key chains (chain only); Plaited leather key straps; Sheets of leather for use in manufacture; Shoulder belts (straps), of leather; Synthetic leather; Airline travel bags; Garment bags for travel; Panniers (travelling cases); Suit carriers being travelling bags; Travel baggage; Travel bags; Travel bags made of plastic materials; Travel garment covers; Travel goods (luggage); Travel luggage; Travelling bags; Travelling cases; Travelling handbags; Travelling sets (leatherware); Travelling trunks; Art portfolios (cases); Business card cases; Camera cases, not adapted or shaped to contain a camera; Card cases (notecases); Cases for holding keys (not fitted or shaped); Cases for keys (not fitted or shaped); Cases for sporting articles (not fitted or shaped); Cases for travel kits (not fitted); Cases for travel sets (not fitted); Credit card cases; Driving licence cases; Folio cases; Key cases; Music cases; Note cases (briefcases); Overnight cases; Portfolio cases (briefcases); Vanity cases (not fitted)