Chain mesh purses; change purses; clutch purses; coin purses; cosmetic purses; evening purses; leather purses; purses; leather wallets; pocket wallets; wallets for attachment to belts; art portfolios (cases); attache cases; beauty cases (not fitted); camera cases, not adapted or shaped to contain a camera; cases for cosmetic articles; cases for keys; cases for sporting articles (not fitted or shaped); cases for travel sets (not fitted); cases, of leather or leatherboard; cosmetic cases (not fitted); credit card cases; driving licence cases; folio cases; leather cases; make-up cases; travelling cases; vanity cases (not fitted); airline travel bags; articles of luggage being bags; bags (envelopes, pouches) of leather, for packaging; bags for campers; bags for climbers; bags for clothes; bags for clothes pegs; bags for shaving kits; bags for toiletry kits; bags for use in sports for carrying sports clothing; bags made of imitation leather; bags made of leather; beach bags; belt bags; bicycle bags (saddle bags); boston bags; camera bags (other than adapted or shaped to contain a camera); camping bags; casual bags; clutch bags; cosmetic bags (not fitted); diaper bags; duffel bags; evening bags; flight bags; garment bags; gym bags; hat bags; jewellery bags (empty); laundry bags; leather bags; luggage bags; make-up bags; money bags; nappy bags (other than bags for the disposal of nappies); nurses bags; overnight bags; peg bags; pilots' bags; portable bags (luggage); pouches (bags); school bags; shaver bags (not shaped); shoe bags; shopping bags; shoulder bags; sling bags; sponge bags (empty); sport bags, other than adapted (shaped) to contain specific sports apparatus; suit carriers being travelling bags; tennis racket bags (other than adapted or shaped to contain a racket); toilet bags; tote bags; towelling bags; travel bags; travel bags made of plastic materials; travelling bags; umbrella bags; waist bags; wash bags; weekend bags; wheeled shopping bags; net bags for shopping; shopping bag handles; shopping bags; wheeled shopping bags
Change purses; Clutch purses; Coin purses; Cosmetic purses (not fitted); Evening purses; Leather purses; Purses; Evening bags; Backpacks; Shade umbrellas (portable); Umbrellas; Parasols; Sunshades in the nature of parasols; Sunshades in the nature of umbrellas; Beach bags; Book bags; Carrying bags (other than disposable carrier bags); Casual bags; Changing bags; Clutch bags; Cosmetic bags (not fitted); Cosmetics bags (not fitted); Diaper bags; Duffel bags; Duffle bags; Gym bags; Leather bags; Luggage bags; Make-up bags; Nappy bags (other than bags for the disposal of nappies); Overnight bags; Portable bags (luggage); School bags; Shoulder bags; Shoulder bags for use by children; Sling bags; Toiletry bags; Tote bags; Travel baggage; Travel bags; Travelling bags; Waist bags; Work bags; Card holders (wallets); Credit card cases (wallets); Pocket wallets; Articles of luggage; Articles of luggage being bags; Luggage; Luggage identity tags; Luggage tags; Travel luggage; Trunks (luggage); Fanny packs; Make-up cases; Jewellery bags (empty); Leather boxes; Toilet bags; Handbags; Handbags made of imitation leather; Handbags made of leather; Ladies handbags; Travelling handbags; Waist packs; Waist pouches; Cases for cosmetic articles (not fitted or shaped); Cosmetic holdalls (not fitted); Cosmetics containers (not fitted); Leather wallets; Beauty cases (not fitted); Cases, of leather or leatherboard; Cosmetic cases (not fitted); Leather cases; Overnight cases; Vanity cases (not fitted); Travelling cases; Travelling sets (leatherware); Travelling trunks; Randsels (Japanese school satchels); Satchels; School satchels; Athletics bags; Harness; Harness straps; Leather leashes; Bags for sports; Wristlets (bags); Bags made of imitation leather; Bags made of leather; Boxes made of leather; Briefcases made of leather; Briefcases; Note cases (briefcases); Card cases (notecases); Leather notecases (covers); Holsters, other than for weapons; Money bags; Boston bags; Courier bags; Messenger bags