Briefcases; harness fittings of precious metal; purses of precious metal; slings for carrying infants, beach bags; clothing for animals; mountaineering sticks; harness fittings of iron; harness fittings, not of precious metal; wallets; bags for campers; chamois leather except for cleaning purposes; kid; document cases; boxes of leather or leather board; boxes of vulcanised fibre; net bags for shopping; tote bags; casings, of leather, for springs; sleeves, of leather, for springs; coverings of skins (furs); umbrella or parasol ribs; linings of leather for footwear; nose bags (feed bags); bits for animals (harness); walking sticks; purses; purses, not of precious metal; harness for animals; gold beaters' skin; parts of rubber for stirrups; collars for animals; suitcase handles; handbags; handbag frames; skins from slaughtered animals; dog collars; hat boxes of leather; game bags; card cases [notecases]; cases of leather or leather board; chain mesh purses, not of precious metal; sling bags for carrying infants; chin straps of leather; garment bags for travel; cat o' nine tails; knee-pads for horses; leather leashes; beauty cases; imitation leather; trimmings of leather for furniture; leather thread; bands of leather; leather board; leather straps; leather laces; valves of leather; leather goods; muzzles; furniture coverings of leather; moleskin (imitation of leather); music cases; fur; horse blankets; harness fittings not of precious metal; halters; horse collars; umbrella handles; travelling sets (leather ware); travelling bags; butts (parts of hides); rucksacks; bags for climbers; riding saddles; harnesses for animals; saddle trees; saddle cloths for horses; fastenings for saddles; blinkers (harness); umbrella covers; frames for umbrellas or parasols; umbrella rings; umbrella sticks; straps for skates; key cases (leather ware); satchels; bags for school; shoulder belts (straps), of leather; shooting sticks; stirrup leathers; walking stick handles; wheeled bags; animal skins, hides; haversacks; horse bits; shoulder belts; pouches of leather, for packaging; goods made from leather and imitations of leather (included in this class); tool bags of leather (empty); gut for making sausages; harness traces; reins; traces (harness)
Bridles (harness); Horse collars; Saddle bags for horse riding; Badges made of leather; Bags (envelopes, pouches) of leather, for packaging; Bags made of leather; Boxes made of leather; Boxes made of leather boards; Boxes of leather or leather board; Briefcases made of leather; Cases, of leather or leatherboard; Casings, of leather, for plate springs; Casings, of leather, for springs; Chamois leather, other than for cleaning purposes; Chin straps, of leather; Figurines made from leather; Furniture coverings of leather; Girths of leather; Handbags made of leather; Harness made from imitation leather; Harness made from leather; Hat boxes of leather; Labels of leather; Leads made of leather; Leather; Leather bags; Leather belts (shoulder); Leather bound covers for albums; Leather boxes; Leather briefcases; Leather cases; Leather cloth; Leather envelopes for packaging; Leather fibre material; Leather fittings for furniture; Leather key chains (chain only); Leather laces; Leather leads; Leather leashes; Leather notecases (covers); Leather portfolios (covers); Leather purses; Leather shoulder belts; Leather shoulder straps; Leather straps; Leather thongs; Leather thread; Leather travelling suitcases; Leather trimmings for furniture; Leather twist; Leather wallets; Leather, unworked or semi-worked; Leatherboard; Luggage labels (tags) of leather or imitation leather; Moleskin (imitation of leather); Plaited leather key chains (chain only); Plaited leather key straps; Sheets of imitation leather for use in manufacture; Sheets of leather for use in manufacture; Shoulder belts (straps), of leather; Stirrup leathers; Straps of leather (saddlery); Studs of leather; Tool bags of leather (empty); Travelling sets (leatherware); Trimmings of leather for furniture; Unworked leather; Valves of leather
Briefcases; baby carriers to be fastened around the body; work bags; hand bags for going out; bags for going out; swimming bags; waist and hip bags; waist bags; processed or partly processed animal hides or other leather; pouches made of leather; pouches for change; bucket bags; business cases; clutches [ladies' handbags]; ladies' handbags; shopping nets; elastic bags for clothing; flight bags; wallets made of leather; wallets to be fastened to belts; wallets, not made of precious metal; purses; purses [wallets]; purses to be fastened around the wrist; purses, not made of precious metal; money pouches; luggage; luggage, bags, brief cases and other carrying devices; luggage trailers; luggage trailers made of rubber; luggage trailers made of synthetic material; luggage trailers made of metal; luggage items; men's hand bags; men's bags; small men's bags; garment bags; garment bags for suits, shirts and dresses; garment bags for travelling; garment bags for travelling made of leather; small cases; small cases for short trips; small travel bags; small backpacks; mini backpacks; suit cases for short trips; suit cases for travelling purposes; suit cases with wheels; suit cases to store written documents; toilet bags; toilet bags [empty]; toilet bags to carry toiletries; leather brief cases; leather pouches; leather cases; leather suit cases; empty beauty cases; empty toilet bags; empty make-up cases; linen bags; multi-purpose sports bags; multi-purpose bags; wallets to store bank-notes; umbrellas; travelling hand bags; suitcases; suitcases [hand luggage]; kori braided suitcases; suitcases made of leather; suitcase straps; travel toiletry bags; travel toiletry bags [leather products]; duffel bags; duffel bags made of synthetic material; duffel bags made of imitation leather; duffel bags for flights; duffel bags for sportswear; duffel bags and cases; rollable bags; trolley cases; trolley bags; backpacks; backpacks for mountaineers; string bags; sports bags; beach bags; daypacks; bags; bags [for men]; bags made of leather; bags made of imitation leather; bags for clothing; bags for pieces of clothing; bags for men; bags for men, which are held in the hand; bags for clothing; bags for sportswear; bags with wheels; bags to be carried around the waste; bags that are carried around the waste; partly processed fur; telephone card cases; textile shopping bags; toilet bags; transport carrying bags; trolley travelling bags; gym bags; small bags; small bags to be carried under the arm; straps [shoulder straps]; shoulder bags; shoulder bags for children; clutch bags; small clutch bags; small clutch bags [pouches]; small clutch bags [small bags]; packaging sachets, sleeves, bags made of leather; water-resistant bags
Briefcases; bags made of leather; bumbags; boston bags; charm bags (omamori-ire); flexible bags for garments; luggage, bags, wallets and other carriers; knitting bags; gladstone bags; art portfolios [cases]; make-up bags sold empty; bags for sports; wheeled bags; key bags; slouch handbags; bags; bags made of imitation leather; garment carriers; gentlemen's handbags; attaché cases; luggage tags [leatherware]; small suitcases; overnight cases; travel cases; suitcases with wheels; trunks and suitcases; suitcases; purses; purses made of precious metal; wallets, not of precious metal; wrist mounted purses; handbags, purses and wallets; handbags; pocket wallets; credit card cases [wallets]; folding briefcases; card cases [notecases]; attache cases made of leather; briefcases [leather goods]; attache cases made of imitation leather; shopping bags made of skin; worked or semi-worked hides and other leather; leather pouches; leather wallets; straps of leather [saddlery]; leather bags and wallets; key cases of imitation leather; leather, unworked or semi-worked; curried skins; leather luggage straps; golf bag tags of leather; travelling sets [leatherware]; handbags made of leather; handbags made of imitation leather; leather coin purses; cases of leather or leatherboard; chin straps, of leather; garment bags for travel made of leather; credit card holders made of imitation leather; credit card holders made of leather; leather credit card wallets; leather cloth; leather for shoes; leather and imitations of leather; leather purses; imitation leather; animal skins; travelling trunks; straps for luggage; trunks [luggage]; travelling sets; travelling bags; overnight bags; trolley duffels; flight bags; travelling bags made of imitation leather; travel bags made of plastic materials; rucksacks; key cases; key cases made of leather; key-cases of leather and skins; business card cases; beach bags; net bags for shopping; covers and wraps for animals; blankets for animals; fur; semi-worked fur; belt bags and hip bags; dog clothing; dog collars; dog leashes; coats for dogs; dog shoes; dog parkas; collars for animals; leads for animals; covers for animals; sling bags for carrying infants; vanity cases sold empty; toiletry bags; wash bags (not fitted); wash bags for carrying toiletries; moleskin [imitation of leather]; umbrellas; umbrellas and parasols; school knapsacks; school bags; bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather, for packaging; hipsacks.