Bits for animals (harness); Harness; Harness fittings; Harness for animals; Harness made from imitation leather; Harness made from leather; Harness straps; Hat harness; Non-electronic training aids for animals (collars, harnesses, leashes, muzzles); Webbed belts (harnesses); Webbing straps (harnesses); Leashes for animals; Leather leashes; Collars for animals; Collars for cats; Collars for dogs; Dog collars; Head collars for animals; Coats for dogs; Dog coats; Faeces collection bags for dogs and horses (animal clothing); Clothing for pets; Coats for animals; Coats for cats; Bags (envelopes, pouches) of leather, for packaging; Travel bags made of plastic materials; Airline travel bags; Bag covers; Bags for toiletry kits; Bags for transport of clothes; Beach bags; Belt bags; Book bags; Carrying bags (other than disposable carrier bags); Courier bags; Flight bags; Garment bags for travel; Jewellery bags (empty); Luggage bags; Make-up bags; Net bags for shopping; Portable bags (luggage); Shopping bag handles; Shopping bags; Tote bags; Waist bags; Wristlets (bags); Articles of clothing for animals; Blankets for animals; Clothes for animals; Clothing for canine animals; Costumes for animals; Coverings for animals; Covers for animals; Fancy dress costumes for animals; Halloween costumes for animals; Leads for animals; Leg pads being protective clothing for animals; Leg protectors for animals; Protective overboots for animals; Rugs for animals; Sling bags for carrying animals; Travel goods (luggage)
Bits for use with saddlery; Cloths for saddles; Common metal fasteners for saddles; Covers for horse-saddles; Cushions for horse saddles; Fastenings for saddles; Pads for horse saddles; Riding saddles; Saddle bags (not shaped or fitted) (for cycles); Saddle bags for horse riding; Saddle cloths; Saddle cloths for horses; Saddle pads; Saddlery; Straps of leather (saddlery); Bags made of imitation leather; Harness made from imitation leather; Imitation leather; Moleskin (imitation of leather); Sheets of imitation leather for use in manufacture; Badges made of leather; Bags (envelopes, pouches) of leather, for packaging; Bags made of leather; Cases, of leather or leatherboard; Casings, of leather, for plate springs; Casings, of leather, for springs; Chamois leather, other than for cleaning purposes; Chin straps, of leather; Harness made from leather; Labels of leather; Leads made of leather; Leather; Leather cloth; Leather fibre material; Leather leads; Leather leashes; Leather shoulder belts; Leather shoulder straps; Leather straps; Leather, unworked or semi-worked; Leathercloth; Sheets of leather for use in manufacture; Shoulder belts (straps), of leather; Stirrup leathers; Synthetic leather; Unworked leather; Valves of leather; Trimmings of leather for furniture; Bits for animals (harness); Bridles (harness); Harness; Harness for animals; Harness straps; Draw reins; Elasticised side reins; Reins; Lashes (whips); Riding whips; Whips; Halters; Rugs for animals; Articles of clothing for horses; Horse cloths