Screeds and joints for sealing, waterproofing and rendering impervious; water-tight rings; adhesive bands other than stationery and not for medical or household purposes; insulating bands; weatherstripping; caulking materials; bark coverings for sound insulation; waterproof packings; caulking materials; insulating felt; fiberglass fabrics for insulation; fiberglass for insulation; threads of plastic materials, not for textile use; filtering materials (semi-processed foams or plastic materials); gutta-percha; substances for insulating buildings against moisture; soundproofing materials; insulating paper; insulating materials; insulators; insulating tapes; insulating fabrics; insulating varnish; insulators, slag wool (insulator); glass wool for insulation; mineral wool (insulator); semi-processed plastic materials; plastic film, other than for wrapping; caulking materials of rubber or plastics; artificial resins (semi-finished products); synthetic resins (semi-finished products); films and/or boards of polymeric plastic for waterproofing dams, basins, roofs, terraces and similar places; materials in the form of films or membranes for waterproofing roads and constructions in general; liquid rubber; Sealing, insulating, heat-proofing and water-proofing materials used in building, coverings for sealing; coatings (insulators), plates, sheets, membranes, screeds and joints for sealing, waterproofing and rendering impervious, water-tight rings; insulators in the form of plates with bituminous coatings; waterproofing sheets; damp-proofing compositions; panels for thermal and acoustic insulation; semi-processed cellulose acetate, regenerated cellulose sheets other than for packaging; these products are not intended for the aeronautics, automotive or medical fields; liquid rubber