Rock wool (insulation); Rock fibres in the form of matting for insulation; Fabrics made from natural fibres for use as insulation; Fabrics of inorganic fibres for use as insulation; Glass fibre materials for insulating purposes; Glass fibres for insulation purposes; Glass fibres, for insulation; Thermal insulating materials made of glass fibre; Heat insulating materials for walls; Insulating paints for walls; Materials for wall insulation systems; Sound-absorbing wall coverings; Sound insulating materials for walls; Fiberglass fabrics for insulation; Fiberglass for insulation; Acoustic insulating boards; Acoustic insulating materials of plastic; Acoustic insulating panels; Acoustic insulating panels made from non-metallic materials; Acoustic screens for insulation; Acoustic sheets; Acoustic sheets for insulation; Acoustic tiles for insulation; Insulating polymeric materials for acoustic insulation; Laminates containing polyamide foams for acoustic insulation; Materials for acoustic insulation; Plates of non-metallic materials for acoustic insulation; Polyester fleece for acoustic insulation; Insulation board made from mineral wool; Lightweight mineral wool slabs for fire insulation purposes; Mineral wool (insulator); Mineral wool for insulating purposes; Mineral fibres for insulating purposes; Lightweight mineral wool slabs for acoustic insulation purposes; Heat insulating materials for ceilings; Sound-absorbing ceiling coverings; Sound-adsorbing ceiling coverings; Sound-damping ceiling coverings; Acoustic board for ceilings (insulation); Ceilings made of mineral fibres for insulating buildings; Ceilings made of mineral fibres for sound-proofing buildings