Rings of rubber; raw or Semi-worked rubber; Liquid rubber; Synthetic rubber; Asbestos packing; vulcanized fiber; Gaskets; Sealing packings; Latex (rubber); Plastic substances, semi-processed; Padding materials of rubber or plastics; Rubber solutions; Rings of rubber for use as pipe connection seals; Washers of rubber or vulcanized fibre; Rubber bars and rods; Expanded closed cell rubber for sound deadening; Rubber derivatives; Asbestos fibre; Asbestos felt; Covered rubber thread and yarn (not for textile use); Threads of rubber, other than for textile use; Rubber sheets; Pipe gaskets; Electrical insulating rubber products; Synthetic resins, semi-processed; Asbestos coverings; Polyurethane sealants; Rubber solutions; asbestos fabrics; Stops of rubber; Rubber tubes and pipes; Valves of indie-rubber or vulcanized fibre; Valves of rubber or vulcanized fiber (not including machine elements); Clutch linings; Adhesive bands, other than stationery and not for medical or household purposes; Fittings, not of metal, for compressed air lines; Foils of metal for insulating; Insulating materials; Insulating paints; Insulators for electric mains; Latex, namely, Latex for industrial use and latex rubber for use in the manufacture of liners and mill liners in mining (for use in mineral processing equipment); Gutta-percha; Rubber, namely, Rubber solutions; Rubber tubes and pipes, Rubber sheets, Natural rubber, Rubber derivatives, Rubber bars and rods, couplings of rubber for pipes, Sealing plugs made primarily from rubber, Rubber sleeves for protecting parts of machinery, Shock buffers of rubber for industrial machinery and Sleeves of rubber for protecting parts of machinery, rubber liners; asbestos; mica; mill liners; Reinforcing materials, not of metal, for pipes; insulating metal sheets, namely, foils of metal for insulating; glass wool for insulation; rubber hoses to protect machine parts; non-metallic insulating pipe sleeves; sealants, namely, waterproof sealants and Dust proofing sealants; plastic materials, semi-finished, namely, products in form liners and mill liners in mining (for use in mineral processing equipment); raw or semi-finished mica; paper for electric capacitors; thermal radiation materials to prevent transfer of heat; irrigation hoses; sealant compounds for joints; raw or semi-finished rubber, rubber identification sleeves for pipes, tubes and rubber pipes for insulating fabrics; insulating oil for transformers; non-metal pipe joints; sound insulating materials; insulating packaging materials, thermal insulation products, namely, liners and mill liners in mining. Wear runners for use in crushers, chutes, feeders, conveyor belts and transfer points; wear parts for electric rope and hydraulic shovels, front loaders and auxiliary equipment