Joint sealing products; thermal insulating and heat insulating materials being sealants, caulks, putties, pillows, bags, down light covers, foams, strips, batts, boards and covers; fire safety and fire protection materials and products namely insulating materials, insulating acrylic sealant, acrylic protective coatings (other than paint); heat retaining chemical compounds; fire-resistant sealant; fire-rated acrylic sealant; fireproof seals; insulating acrylic sealant; fire-rated acrylic protective coatings (other than paint); firestopping mastic sealant; fire-rated mastic sealant; fire-resistant sealant compounds for joints; acrylic protective coatings (other than paint); acrylic protective coatings for insulating purposes; intumescent pressure exerting mastic used to seal openings in fire rated walls and floors where passage of flame is a risk; thermal insulating materials and heat retardant materials, including fire rated fire batts, sealants, tapes, sealing compounds, intumescent door and glazing strips, intumescent pillows and trunking pillows; fire-rated mastic sealant containing acrylic emulsion and inert fillers; insulating materials; sealing materials made of plastics materials; insulating materials and sealing materials for fireproofing; protective acrylic coatings in the form of paints for insulating purposes; protective acrylic spray coatings for insulating purposes; water based insulating acrylic sealant; water based acrylic sealant (other than paint); fire-rated mastic; insulating paints; insulating paints for walls; paints for insulation; water based insulating paints; water borne paints (insulating); acrylic resins, semi-processed; acrylic sheets for use in manufacture; acrylic substances (semi-finished); fabrics made from acrylic for use as insulation; insulating acrylic resins; processed acrylic latexes; semi-processed acrylic latexes; insulating materials and sealing materials which react chemically and/or physically in the event of fire; insulating materials and sealing materials for joints and openings in fire-resistant building components; mastics and caulking compounds; compositions for repairing leaks; sealing putty; caulking compounds for sealing cracks; combination seals; flexible fillers, sealing or caulking compounds; joint sealing compounds; mastic compositions for sealing and jointing; mastic for sealing joints; materials (preparations) for sealing; non-metallic materials for sealing joints; non-metallic sealing assemblies; non-metallic sealing compounds for joints; non-metallic sealing devices; non-metallic seals for cables, joints, pipes and for fire protection; paints for sealing (insulating); sealants for sealing joints; sealing agents for use in the building industry; sealing agents for use in the construction industry; sealing compounds (mastics); fire retardant fillers, caulking compounds and sealants; heat sealant preparations; sealant compounds for joints; sealants for joints; sealants for joints for building purposes; expansion joint fillers; fillers for joint packing; insulating fillers; heat resistant fabrics (insulation); lightweight mineral wool slabs for fire insulation purposes; lightweight mineral wool slabs for thermal insulation purposes; insulating boards; insulation board made from mineral wool; materials for insulation made of glass fibre; fire resistant insulated panels; fire resistant materials; materials for use in fire protection; heat insulating materials; heat insulating materials for ceilings; heat insulating materials for roofs; heat insulating materials for walls; heat protection materials; materials for heat protection; expanding pillows for the prevention of fire penetration; fire collars and wraps containing fire resistant sealing, packing or insulating materials, for use with pipes; fire resistant expansion joints; fire resisting plates; laminates containing polyamide foams for use as fire retardants; materials for use in fire protection; sleeves for fire proofing plastic pipes; smoke curtains; barriers for protection against heat; barriers for protection against radiation; insulating materials and sealing materials in the form of plates, slabs, profile sections, sheets, moulded parts and powders; flame retardant fabrics; flame retardant materials; flame retardant plastics foam materials; coating compositions for protection against the effects of heat; heat protection compositions; heat resistant coatings in the form of ceramic plates; elastomeric sealants for plugging gaps; insulations with sealing functions for heat protection; crude fibres of rock for insulation purposes; fibrous insulation materials; fleeces of crude fibres of rock (insulation); insulating apparatus for heat insulation; insulating bands; insulating coatings; insulating fabrics; material for thermal shielding; materials for thermal insulation; polyester fleece for thermal insulation; silicone foam thermal insulation; thermal insulating articles; thermal insulating material of plastics; thermal insulating materials; thermal insulating materials made of glass fibre; thermal insulation material; acoustic insulating panels; coating materials for insulation purposes; acoustic insulating panels made from non-metallic materials; acoustic screens for insulation; acoustic sheets; acoustic sheets for insulation; insulating polymeric materials for acoustic insulation; laminates containing polyamide foams for acoustic insulation; high resistance foam slabs; fabrics for insulation; lightweight mineral wool slabs for acoustic insulation purposes; insulating materials in the form of boards; insulating materials in the form of slabs; materials for acoustic insulation; insulating mastics; fire and smoke stopping products used to protect openings for services including collars, wraps, clamps, boxes, dampers, intumescent products, joint sealing products; parts, fittings, components and accessories for all the foregoing goods