Hoses, including but not limited to; hoses for watering, mechanical tap timers; garden hoses; connectors and couplings for hoses, rubber, gutta-percha, gum, asbestos, mica and goods made from these materials and not included in other classes; plastics in extruded form for use in manufacture; packing, stopping and insulating materials; flexible pipes, not of metal; rubber hose, PVC hose and tubing, nylon tubing, hydraulic hose, garden hose, radiator hoses, non-metallic junctions for garden hoses; noise control (insulating) foams; rubber in raw and semi-worked form; plastic barrier and safety mesh; flexible pipes, tubes and conduits for drainage formed from plastics materials (other than for medical purposes); prefabricated drainage articles formed from plastics materials; outlet fittings for drainage; plastics materials in this class for drainage purposes including extruded layers; insulating materials including acoustic insulating articles; polymeric foams including polyurethane foams; viscoelastic insulating materials; vinyl sheets and films; vinyl sheets and films for marine applications; plastics in extruded form including plastic film (not for wrapping); caulking materials and sealing compounds and seals; compositions for repairing leaks; adhesives tapes (not for stationery purposes); extruded plastics for use in heating swimming pools; watertight seals and rings; hose connectors; accessories, parts and fittings for use with the forgoing in this class; waterproof membranes made of polymers