Asbestos fire screens; Flame retardant fabrics (asbestos); Expanding pillows for the prevention of fire penetration; Barriers for protection against heat; Coating compositions for protection against the effects of heat; Foam for use as heat insulation; Foam for use as heat shields; Foam in the form of blocks for use as heat insulation; Heat insulating materials; Heat insulating materials for ceilings; Heat insulating materials for roofs; Heat insulating materials for walls; Heat protection compositions; Heat protection materials; Heat resistant fabrics (insulation); Insulating materials for insulation against heat; Materials for heat protection; Fireproof seals; Fire retardant materials for building purposes; Flame retardant materials; Flame retardant plastics foam materials; Laminates containing polyamide foams for use as fire retardants; Fire-resistant sealant compounds for joints; Heat sealant preparations; Joint sealants; Sealant compounds for joints; Sealants for joints; Sealants for joints for building purposes; Fire collars and wraps containing fire resistant sealing, packing or insulating materials, for use with pipes; Flanges of plastic (collars); Crude fibres of rock for insulation purposes; Fibreboard for high temperature insulation; Glass wool for insulation; Insulating apparatus for heat insulation; Materials for insulation made of glass fibre; Rubber for heat insulation; Lightweight mineral wool slabs for fire insulation purposes; Rock wool (insulation); Material for thermal shielding; Silicone foam heat shielding; Thermal shielding materials for use in welding; Silicon rubber joint sealing compounds; Silicone rubber compounds; Silicone rubber sealants; High temperature insulating materials made from carbon fibre; Heat retaining chemical compounds; Non-conducting materials for retaining heat; Insulations with sealing functions for heat protection; Materials for use in fire protection; Fire resistant expansion joints; Fire resistant insulated panels; Fire resistant materials; Heat resistant coatings in the form of ceramic plates; Thermal insulating materials in the form of blocks; Coatings of insulating materials; Industrial coatings (insulating); Caulking compounds for sealing cracks; Flexible fillers, sealing or caulking compounds; Jointing (sealing) preparations; Mastic compositions for sealing and jointing; Insulating paints; Protective acrylic coatings in the form of paints for insulating purposes