Sheets or paper for use in printers; postcards for use in printers; name cards for use in printers; adhesive labels; OHP sheets; security stickers; paper shredders; laminating apparatuses for use on desks or in offices; ink ribbons for computer printers; ink-ribbon cassettes for computer printers; ink ribbons for facsimiles; ink-ribbon cassettes for facsimiles; ink ribbons for video printers; ink-ribbon cassettes for video printers; gum arabic glue (for stationery or household purposes); seaweed glue (alginic acid glue extracted from brown algae, for stationery or household purposes); Japanese glue (kasugai-nori, for stationery or household purposes); casein pastes (for stationery or household purposes); rubber cements (for stationery or household purposes); devils' tongue starch paste; gelatine glue (for stationery or household purposes); starch paste (for stationery or household purposes); animal glue (for stationery or household purposes); paste for handicraft, for stationery or household purposes (benjaku-nori); red algae gelatine glue, for stationery or household purposes (funori); plastic adhesives (for stationery or household purposes); latex glue (for stationery or household purposes); printers' reglets (interline leads); printing types; blueprinting machines; addressing machines; inking ribbons; automatic stamp putting-on machines; electric staplers for offices; envelope sealing machines for offices; stamp obliterating machines; drawing instruments; typewriters; checkwriters; mimeographs; relief duplicators; paper shredders (for office use); franking machines (stamping machines); rotary duplicators; marking templates; decorators' paintbrushes; paperboard boxes (for industrial packaging); paper bags and sacks; corrugated cardboard boxes; fiberboard boxes; table cloths of paper; printing paper; India paper; carbon paper; glassine paper; newsprint paper; blotter; typewriting paper; toilet paper; writing paper; wrapping paper; rice paper; parchment paper; filter paper; ivory manila board; colorboard (colored paperboard); strawboard; white paperboard; fluting paper (corrugating medium); linerboard for corrugated cardboard; chipboard; millboard; postcard paper; roofing paperboard; mulch paper; oiled paper for paper umbrellas (kasa-gami); gunpowder wrapping paper; tissue paper for use as material of stencil paper (ganpishi); Japanese handicraft paper; paper made from paper mulberry (kohzo-gami); paper for use as material of stock certificates (shokenshi); paper for Japanese sliding screens (shoji-gami); calligraphy paper; cardboard made from paper mulberry (senkashi); coarse tissue (for toiletry use); paper made from paper mulberry (tengujoshi); stencil paper (mimeograph paper); Japanese paper (torinoko-gami); napkin paper; duplicating paper; thick Japanese paper (hosho-gami); filter paper; paper lace; imitation leather paper; perforated cards for jacquard looms; acid-resistant paper; corrugated cardboard; paraffined paper (waxed paper); paper for Japanese indoor sliding partitions (fusuma-gami); fireproof paper; mildew proof paper; waterproof paper; anti-rust paper; oilproof paper; luminous paper; ordinary cellophane paper; moistureproof cellophane paper; synthetic paper; albums; cards (stationery); carbon paper (finished products); ruled paper (finished products); scrapbooks; sketch books; score cards; score books; account books; pocket memorandum books; account slip pads; stencil paper (finished produucts); tracing cloth (finished products); tracing paper (finished products); notebooks; writing pads; envelopes; plotting papers (graph paper as finished products); business card paper (semi-finished); letter paper (finished products); loose-leaf pads; pencils; pencil point protectors; bone styles; felt writing pens; mechanical pencils; slate pencils; steel pens (styluses or stencil pens); chalk; felt marking pens; pen nibs; penholders; ballpoint pens; fountain pens; writing brushes; painters' easels; silk canvas (painters' article); drawing boards (painter's article); canvas for painting; crayons; paintbrushes; pastels; palettes for painters; charcoal pencils; writing ink; ink erasers; inkwells; sealing stamps; stamp cases; stamp stands; seal ink pads; pencil sharpeners; thumbtacks; clips; rubber erasers; blackboards; blackboard erasers (chalk erasers); tags; seals (stationery); bookmarkers; underlays for writing paper; correcting fluid (whiteout); rulers (for stationery and office use); letter racks; paper folders; inkstones (ink reservoirs); inking pads; stickers (stationery); ink sticks (sumi); writing slates; adhesive tapes (for stationery or household purposes); adhesive tape dispensers (office requisites); abacuses; strips of fancy paper (tanzaku); terrestrial globes; price tags; notice bills; numbering stamps; date stamps (daters); stands for pen and pencil; pen and pencil cases and boxes; paperweights; protractors (for stationery and office use); paper knives (letter openers); Indian ink; stapling presses (non-electric staplers); Japanese ceremonial paper strings (mizuhiki); finger-stalls (office requisites); labels (not of textile); picture postcards; sheet music; song books; catalogues; calendars; magazines (publication); printed time tables; books; newspapers; geographical maps; diaries; newsletters; pamphlets; paintings and their reproductions; hanging scrolls for mounting a picture, a calligraphic work or the like (jiku); calligraphic works and their rreproductions; engravings and their reproductions; photographs; photograph stands