Optical reader paper; Paper; Cardboard; Printed matter; Bookbinding material; Photographic prints; Photographic reproductions; Photographs (printed); Adhesive for stationery purposes; Adhesive pads (stationery); Adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; Adhesives (glues) for stationery or household purposes; Adhesives for stationery purposes; Announcement cards (stationery); Conductive adhesives for household or stationery use; Stationery; Stationery for domestic purposes; Stationery for household purposes; Stationery goods; Modelling materials for artistic use; Adhesives for art use; Art materials (paint boxes for use in schools); Art paints (paint boxes for school use); Art paper; Art prints; Artists' materials; Typewriters (electric or non-electric); Teaching materials (except apparatus); Teaching materials for instruction; Plastic materials for packaging; Printers' blocks; Printer's type; Printing type; Printing blocks; Clothing patterns; Printed publications relating to the sale of clothing; Pre-printed promotional forms; Promotional pamphlets; Promotional printed pads; Promotional publications; Cards; Adhesive for paper for household purposes; Adhesive for paper for stationery purposes; Advertisement boards of paper or cardboard; Advertising material expressed in paper form; Advertising material of paper; Advertising materials of paper; Articles of paper for display purposes; Articles of paper for packaging; Articles of paper stationery; Banners of paper; Business cards of paper; Laminated paper
Operation manuals; training manuals; manuals in the field of weight loss and weight management; publications, namely, books, periodicals, magazines, newsletters and user manuals in the fields of weight loss and weight management; informational flyers; announcement cards; blueprints, cards, document files, index cards; indexes; plans; labels; letters; manuals; paper and paper articles; paper articles for stationery use; posters, reference books; signboards made of paper or of cardboard; wall charts; brochures; leaflets; paper diagrams; advertisements of paper and cardboard; advertising leaflets; advertisement display boards of paper, card and plastic form; advertising posters; cardboard signboards; window signs; magazines; photographic and printed matter, printed publications, periodicals, periodical publications; printed matter, books, brochures, magazines, newsletters all featuring information and advice in the field of weight loss and weight management; newspapers; printed computer programs; stationery, notebooks, journals, calendars, memo pads, diaries, envelopes, office articles (except furniture); advertising material relating to weight loss and weight management; marketing material; paper goods; paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, not included in other classes; instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); educational and instructional material; calendars; educational, motivational and printed training materials, namely, books, booklets, manuals and other printed materials in the field of weight loss and weight management; stickers; bookmarks; writing implements; pens; pencils; stationery; paperweights; pencil cases; all included in class 16; manuals for use with computer software and hardware, peripherals, communication devices, personal information devices; documentation for computer programs, computers, computer components, computer peripherals, user manuals, reference manuals and technical manuals, data sheets, reference cards and templates