Drumheads; drums; drumsticks; musical instruments; musical boxes; music stands; pedals for musical instruments; pegs for musical instruments; skins for drums; stands for musical instruments; music stands; drum sticks; tambourines; tom-toms; triangles; xylophones; percussion instruments; taiko drums; frame drums; talking drums; maracas; cymbals; castanets; musical instruments, namely, congas, bongos, djembes, cajons, timales, doumbeks, darbukas, surdos, tamborims, pandeiros, djun djuns, batas, ashikos, tamboras, cowbells, chimes, claves, blocks, shekeres, rainsticks, shakers, guiros, cabasas; bags specially adapted for holding drums; percussion accessories, namely conga protectors consisting of rubber pieces that attach to the conga hardware to prevent denting, scratching and contact while playing, wooden sound plates for drums, cajon jacket, cajon pad, cajon brushes, drum replacement heads, djembe harness, djembe hat; hardware for percussion, namely, extension bongo stand, mountable percussion tray, percussion mounting bar, pedal percussion mount, hand held percussion rack, universal percussion mounting bracket, tambourine mounting bracket, bar chime mounting bracket, agogo bell mounting bracket, rattle clap mounting bracket, mounted cabasa holder, bass drum percussion mount, mounted shekere holder, extension cowbell bracket, replacement parts and fittings for musical instruments, drum pack comprised of combinations of a rock bell, multi percussion rack, mountable plastic tambourine with brass jingles and low pitched lip block, sold as a unit