Women's watches; horological instruments having quartz movements; small clocks; clocks and watches, electric; digital clocks; clock hands; clocks and watches; bracelets for watches; watch movements; clock dials; watch cases [parts of watches]; clocks; clocks incorporating ceramics; watch chains; pendant watches; parts for clocks; watches made of precious metals; presentation boxes for watches; digital clocks being electronically controlled; clocks for world time zones; jewellery, clocks and watches; clocks and parts therefor; cases for watches [presentation]; digital clocks incorporating radios; cases for clock- and watchmaking; electronically operated movements for watches; digital watches with automatic timers; cases for watches and clocks; clockworks; mechanical watches with manual winding; mechanical watches with automatic winding; clocks and watches for pigeon-fanciers; clock cases being parts of clocks; time clocks [master clocks] for controlling other clocks; dials [clock- and watchmaking]; bracelets; wristwatches; bracelet charms; silver-plated bracelets; bracelets [jewellery]; automatic watches; mechanical watches; gold bracelets; gold plated bracelets; charity bracelets; jewellery rope chain for bracelets; watch bands; identification bracelets [jewelry]; wooden bead bracelets; bracelets of precious metal; watch crowns; watches incorporating a memory function; watch clasps; watch pouches; watches made of gold; watches for nurses; watch dials; parts for clockworks; sports watches; watches made of rolled gold; watches bearing insignia; watches incorporating a telecommunication function; silver watches; platinum watches; wristwatches with pedometers; oscillators for watches; bracelets and watches combined; watches made of plated gold; flexible wire bands for wear as a bracelet; watches made of precious metals or coated therewith; chronographs for use as watches; watches containing an electronic game function; bracelets made of embroidered textile [jewellery]; jewellery chain of precious metal for bracelets; watches with the function of wireless communication; wristwatches with gps apparatus; watches containing a game function; mechanical watch oscillators.