Unwrought diamond; unwrought or semi-wrought jet; unwrought agate; unwrought garnets; semi-wrought precious stones and their imitations; gemstones; copper tokens; memorial cups of precious metals; memorial tablets of precious metals; coins; jewelry cases of precious metal; boxes of precious metal; jewelry cases; jewelry cases (caskets); shoe ornaments of precious metal; key rings of precious metal; key rings (trinkets or fobs) of precious metal; watchstraps made of leather; pendulum clocks; master clocks; jewelry watches; clocks and watches for pigeon-fanciers; cases for watches (presentation); stopwatches; clocks; clock housings; movements for clocks and watches; dials (clock and watch making); clock hands (clock and watchmaking); parts for watches; boxes for timepieces; watch springs; anchors (clock and watchmaking); watch clasps; watch crystals; parts and fittings for watches; watch pouches; watch chains; buckles for watchstraps; pendulums (clock and watch making); cases for clock and watchmaking; clockworks; barrels (clock and watchmaking); atomic clocks; automobile clocks; alarm clocks; diving watches; electric clocks and watches; electronic clocks and watches; chronometrical instruments; control clocks (master clocks); chronographs (watches); chronometers; chronoscopes; table clocks; wristwatches; sun dials; pocket watches; garnet (jewelry); olivine (gems); malachite (jewelry); precious stones; diamonds; opal (jewelry); ruby (jewelry); agates; paste jewelry; cat's-eye (jewelry); moonstone (jewelry); beryl (jewelry); jasper (jewelry); jewelry; green jadeite (jewelry); sapphire; coral (jewelry); ivory (jewelry); cut diamonds; crystal (jewelry); star ruby (jewelry); star sapphire (jewelry); alexandrite (jewelry); aquamarine (jewelry); emerald (jewelry); chalcedony (jewelry); pearls made of ambroid (pressed amber); semi-precious stones; zircon (jewelry); pearls (jewelry); spinel [precious stones]; cloisonne jewelry (jewelry); cubic zirconia (jewelry); chrysoberyl (jewelry); turquoise (jewelry); topaz (jewelry); tourmaline (jewelry); jewelry of yellow amber; tigereye (jewelry); yellow jade (jewelry); black jade (jewelry); precious metals; ingots of precious metals; alloys of precious metal; beaten gold (gold foil); articles of unrefined gold; gold ingots; gold alloy ingots; rhodium; rhodium and its alloys; ruthenium; ruthenium and its alloys; imitations of precious metal; unwrought or beaten gold; unwrought or semi-wrought precious metals; unwrought or beaten silver; platinum (metal); castings of platinum or platinum alloy; platinum and its alloys; platinum foil; articles of unrefined platinum; platinum ingots; platinum alloy ingots; aluminium gold; osmium; osmium and its alloys; castings of silver or silver alloy; articles of unrefined silver; silver thread; silver ingots; silver alloy ingots; iridium; iridium and its alloys; palladium; palladium and its alloys; earrings of precious metal; hat ornaments of precious metal; badges of precious metal; belt ornaments of precious metal; bonnet pins of precious metal; threads of precious metal (jewelry); accessories of precious metal; wire of precious metal (jewelry); pins (jewelry); insignias of precious metal; gold thread (jewelry); tie pins of precious metal; medallions; medals of precious metal; pendants (jewelry); necklaces (jewelry); rings (jewelry); ornaments for ankle (jewelry); brooches (jewelry); ornaments (jewelry); accessories of jewelry; jewel chains; amulets (jewelry); trinkets (jewelry); silver ornaments; ornamental pins of precious metal; charms (jewelry); chains of precious metal; medallions (jewelry); tie clips of precious metal; bracelets (jewelry); ornaments of jet; cuff links; statues of the Virgin Mary (of precious metal); statues of Buddha (of precious metal); statues of precious metal; statuettes of precious metal; statues of Jesus (of precious metal); works of art of precious metal; busts of precious metal